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Raffles Bali - Top 7 Recommended Tourists Attractions Close to Jimbaran
January 24th 2023

Top 7 Recommended Tourists Attractions Close to Jimbaran

Jimbaran Bali is home to a number of luxury resorts, including Raffles Bali Resort. The area is best known for its gorgeous sparkling bay with iconic sunset views making it one of the most desirable holiday destinations in Asia. The beauty of Jimbaran itself might be enough, but there is plenty more in the area for guests that enjoy exploring outside their resort as well. Art, culture, and social experiences are right at your doorstep when you choose Raffles Bali, so we’ve put together a list of our top 7 tourist attractions close to Jimbaran.

Balinese House Visit

Raffles Bali has collaborated with the local community in Jimbaran to give guests a deeper dive into Balinese life. Just 5 minutes from the resort, guests will be welcomed into a traditional Balinese home where they can learn about the layout of Balinese compounds on a house tour, make some of the offerings presented in Balinese Hindu ceremonies, and try traditional snacks and jamu, a health drink made of natural herbs and spices.

Kedonganan Beach and Fish Market

Kedonganan is the true name of the village, white sand beach, and famous fish market often referred to simply as Jimbaran. During your stay at Raffles Bali it is definitely worth a visit to see the fish market in full swing and have a stroll down this beautiful beach. Early morning is a wonderful time to visit to see a Balinese life in action, and sunset is a good time to watch Mother Nature showing off at her most colourful. Kedonganan is only a short 10 minute drive from Raffles Resort.

Jenggala Ceramics

Established in 1976, Jenggala is Bali’s foremost producer of handcrafted ceramics in Indonesia. Whether you are interested in shopping, visiting their workshop, making your own ceramics, or painting one of their ready-made pieces, it is an easy 10 minute drive to Jenggala Ceramics from Raffles Resort. This is a wonderful place to see artisans in action and buy or have a go at creating your own souvenir of your time in Bali.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a 60-hectare cultural park just 15 minutes’ drive from Raffles Bali. Home to a towering 120-metre high statue of the Hindu God Wisnu atop his mythical mount Garuda, it is an iconic landmark in Bali and one of the tallest statues in the world. GWK is also host to cultural performances, and has incredible panoramic views of the south of the island.

Balangan Beach

The picture perfect white sands of Balangan Beach is just 20 minutes by car from Raffles Bali. Popular with both surfers and sunbathers, the 200 metre stretch is beautiful for a stroll or a swim in the crystal clear waters. The panoramic views also make this beach the perfect destination for romance or just an ice cold drink while watching the sunset paint colours across the sky.

Museum Pasifika

For lovers of art and culture, Museum Pasifika is a short 20 minute drive from Raffles Resort. The museum showcases over 600 artworks from local and international artists that reflect and are inspired by both Bali and further afield in Indonesia and the Asian Pacific. The collection includes the Indonesian masters Raden Saleh, Lempad, Affandi and Hendra as well as Bali‘s most famous foreign artists in residence Walter Spies, Miguel Covarrubias, Jean Le Mayeur, Willem Hoffker, Rudolf Bonnet, Arie Smit, Charles Sayers and Theo Meier.

Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Dance Performance

For one of the most indelible experiences of Bali, Uluwatu Temple and the evening kecak dance performance is not to be missed. This temple is around 40 minutes from Raffles Resort and is one of Bali’s oldest and most important sea temples with incredible views out to sea. Every evening a spectacular kecak dance performance is held at the temple with the sun setting in the background. This rhythmic chanting dance is based upon the HIndu epic the Ramayana and is absolutely entrancing. This will be a cherished memory of your holiday in Bali.

With so much to see and do so close to Raffles Bali Resort, it is the ideal place to base yourself for your explorations of this extraordinary island.