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Raffles Bali - The Five Minutes of Mindfulness Sand Clock
Raffles Bali - The Five Minutes of Mindfulness Sand Clock
September 19th 2023

The Five Minutes of Mindfulness Sand Clock

In an age of perpetual motion and digital distractions, Raffles Bali has unveiled a remarkable addition to its repertoire of wellness initiatives—the “Five Minutes of Mindfulness” Sand Clock. This unique timepiece serves as a beacon of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, encapsulating the resort’s commitment to fostering holistic well-being.

The Essence of Mindfulness

At the heart of this initiative, lies the timeless concept of mindfulness—a practice that encourages individuals to be fully present in the moment, nurturing self-awareness and tranquility. Raffles Bali recognizes the value of mindfulness as a tool for rejuvenation and mental clarity. The “Five Minutes of Mindfulness” Sand Clock is an exquisitely crafted piece of artistry. Made from sustainable materials, it showcases a minimalist design, with smooth curves and fine grains of sand. Its elegance is not just visual; it resonates with the resort’s ethos of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

How it Works

The Sand Clock is a simple yet profound way to incorporate mindfulness into daily life. Guests flip the hourglass-like device, allowing the sand to cascade gently from one chamber to the other over precisely five minutes. During this time, individuals are encouraged to close their eyes, focus on their breathing, and embrace a moment of inner calm and self-reflection. This will be set-up during Sleeping Rituals by Raffles Wellbeing Butler. The “Five Minutes of Mindfulness” Sand Clock is intended to be a powerful tool for promoting mental and emotional balance. Regular use can help reduce stress, improve concentration, and enhance overall well-being, creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere that complements the resort’s lush surroundings.

A Commitment to Holistic Wellness

Raffles Bali has always been dedicated to providing a holistic wellness experience for its guests. The introduction of the “Five Minutes of Mindfulness” Sand Clock is a testament to this commitment, demonstrating the resort’s ongoing efforts to promote mindfulness and self-care in an increasingly fast-paced world. As the world continues to whirl around us, Raffles Bali invites its guests to pause for “Five Minutes of Mindfulness” with the introduction of this exquisite sand clock. It’s a symbol of tranquility and an embodiment of the resort’s dedication to holistic wellness. In a world where every moment seems to rush by, Raffles Bali reminds us to take just five minutes for ourselves, to breathe, reflect, and find serenity within.



Raffles Bali is an intimate oasis of emotional well-being. Located in beautiful Jimbaran Bay, the new luxury resort is perched on a hill offering unparalleled views of the ocean and its own secluded beach. With just 32 well-appointed pool villas providing utmost relaxation due to its generosity of space, each featuring their own outdoor terrace and private pool, Raffles Bali is one of the most exclusive hotels in Bali and boasts stunning sunsets, lush tropical gardens and exquisite dining. Guests can indulge in a signature Bali Sling in the iconic Writers Bar, enjoy a romantic dinner in The Secret Cave and Purnama Honeymoon Bale or rejuvenate at the indulgent The Sanctuary, a hillside treatment suite or Raffles Spa. Raffles Wellbeing Butlers can arrange a variety of bespoke treatments, cultural immersions and activities to deliver the ultimate in Emotional Wellbeing in the Island of the Gods. | |



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