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Raffles Bali - The Bali Sling, a Sustainable Drink at Raffles Bali
February 7th 2023

The Bali Sling, a Sustainable Drink at Raffles Bali

For over a century Raffles Hotel Singapore has been the epitome of style and class in Singapore. In colonial Singapore the hotel and its famous watering hole, The Long Bar, was one of the most popular spots for Singapore’s expats to socialise and do business over icy cold gin & tonics (to keep malaria away of course).

However, while men drank freely, it was frowned upon for women to be seen drinking alcohol or appearing inebriated. This is where legendary barman Ngiam Tong Boon stepped in to ensure the ladies would not be left glumly to their tea and fruit juices. Being not only a great barman but also a smart businessman, Boon hid gin and cherry brandy in a fruity cocktail for the ladies, and the men in the bar were none the wiser. Hence, The Singapore Sling was born and is now an icon of Raffles Singapore and also a staple on cocktail menus worldwide.

As a nod to the century old Singapore Sling, The Writers Bar at Raffles Bali Resort presents their own signature cocktail, the Bali Sling. The story of its creation is very different from its Singaporean counterpart but no less meaningful. Concocted from gin, Balinese arak infused with blue pea tea, tangy jackfruit, and grenadine, the Bali Sling is truly a reflection of the fertile land of the island and the produce that it nurtures. The magic sights and smells of Bali, from bustling markets, to fragrant frangipani, and vibrant tropical fruits are the inspiration behind this drink that will no doubt become iconic in its own right.

In keeping with the eco-friendly principles of Raffles Bali, almost all of the elements of the Bali Sling are home grown either within the resort, or on the island of Bali. The blue pea flower and jackfruit are handpicked from the resort’s farm gardens, which also supply the kitchens with wonderful fresh produce.

One of the most important elements of the drink is the Balinese arak, a local spirit made from the sap of tapped palm trees or rice. The Dewi Sri brand used at The Writers Bar is a family owned company that has been distilling the local drink since 1968 in the coastal town of Sanur.

Honouring the goddess of rice, fertility, successful harvest, and family prosperity the name Dewi Sri is celebrated in Bali and abroad.

The Bali Sling is not only delicious, but is beautiful to look at. The tall glass topped with a frangipani flower is quintessentially Balinese. Frangipanis grow all over the resort and are a beautifully fragrant flower that is used for Balinese Hindu offerings as well as for decoration. You will also notice that your Bali Sling comes with a cassava starch straw. Raffles Bali has eliminated the use of plastic straws in the resort, instead using locally made products that are 100% biodegradable.

Just as no trip to Singapore is complete without a Singapore Sling at The Long Bar, a Bali Sling at The Writers Bar at Raffles Resort is a must for the full Bali Island experience.