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Raffles Bali - Sustainable Balinese Offering at Raffles Bali
January 2nd 2023

Sustainable Balinese Offering at Raffles Bali

In Bali, the outlook and philosophy on life are called Tri Hita Karana, which literally translates as the “Three Causes of Prosperity,” bringing about harmonious relationships. The universal concept ties together the relationship of a person with God (Parahyangan), their surroundings (Palemahan), and humanity (Pawongan). This harmonious lifestyle includes maintaining the balance of the spiritual and physical worlds. It helps us take ownership and responsibility for our life, relationships, community, and environment. These principles are strongly interwoven into rituals, the communal way of living, and the relationship with nature.

Since before its official opening, Raffles Bali has worked closely with the local community to forge relationships with people, from signing an agreement with them to support the resort’s everyday offerings, to participating in community events and buying goods from the Jimbaran neighbourhood. Raffles Bali Heartists’ activities for the Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

As part of their Tri Hita Karana commitment, Raffles Bali partners with Mr. Ketut Nika and his wife, Mrs. Wayan Marniasih. Both of them are originally from Jimbaran and live in a beautiful Balinese house close to a resort. Since 2020, the couple has been appointed to manage resort’s daily offering. When the luxury resort was first opened, they did the “Ngeruwak,” a Balinese ceremony for land blessing that included preparing a Balinese offering, a priest, and any other related praying materials. Since then, they have been giving daily prayers at five “Pelinggih,” or resort temples, and fifteen “Pelangkiran,” or little wooden temples, in addition to holy places and beaches.

“We made “Canang” on our own using flowers we purchased from the neighbourhood Jimbaran market. ”We enjoy what we do since its part of “giving back” to nature. Then, we worship at the resort temple every day, generally in the morning.” said Mr. Ketut Nika and his wife.

Daily prayers and gifts serve to honour the Divine, link individuals to the spiritual realm, and encourage them to live in harmony with God, spirits, and ancestors. Harmony in communities is based on principles of cooperation that promote compassion and balance. Respecting mother earth, honouring volcanoes, sacred waterways, and holy sites, encouraging sustainable living, and protecting environment are all part of a harmonious way of life. Numerous facets of island life are governed by the Tri Hita Karana concept, which is seen as a strong foundation for preserving the standard of living for locals.

While creating opportunities for intimate cultural interactions, Raffles Bali is dedicated to being responsible members of their host communities and preserving the environment. The sustainability efforts extend beyond the operational aspects of the resorts to create a positive impact on the community economically, socially, and culturally.