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Raffles Bali - Seoul Meets Bali for Culinary Connections at Rumari and Friends Chapter Four
June 6th 2023

Seoul Meets Bali for Culinary Connections at Rumari and Friends Chapter Four

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other as Rumari at Raffles Bali presents an enchanting evening of fine dining and connection at Rumari and Friends Chapter Four, taking place on July 7th and 8th, 2023. Rumari and Friends is a remarkable showcase that celebrates the magical bonds formed between world-class chefs and the incredible culinary experiences that unfold when cultural fusions occur in the kitchen. It is an extraordinary exploration of traditions, techniques, and styles, resulting in a truly exclusive gastronomic adventure.

For this chapter, Raffles Bali’s Culinary Director, Chef Gaetan Biesuz, will be joined by the exceptional Chef Jun Lee, Executive Chef and Co-owner of the celebrated Seoul restaurants under the SOIGNÉ restaurant group. Chef Jun Lee’s culinary prowess has garnered him two coveted Michelin stars, along with recognition in the esteemed top 500 La Liste and numerous other accolades. His presence promises to elevate this culinary experience to unparalleled heights. Chef Jun Lee is a culinary genius, pushing boundaries and captivating the industry with his innovative approach to cooking. Beyond his mastery in the kitchen, Chef Jun Lee is also a published author, with works including essays such as “My Elephant-size Dream” and “New York ‘Recipe’,” as well as a cookbook titled “For the love of my delicious parties.” His creativity knows no bounds, and his passion for excellence shines through in every dish he creates.

Joining forces with Chef Jun Lee, Chef Gaetan Biesuz brings his own remarkable culinary journey to the table. Born and raised in France, Chef Gaetan learned the art of cooking from his grandmother, a professional chef. Inspired by her, he embarked on a culinary adventure that took him from his hometown of Lyon to various countries, including the United States, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Captivated by the diverse cultures of Southeast Asia, Chef Gaetan seamlessly merges his Western culinary background with the region’s exotic ingredients, resulting in an extraordinary fusion of flavours at Rumari. With a wealth of experience working for esteemed hospitality brands like Ritz Carlton and St Regis, Chef Gaetan’s expertise and dedication ensure an exceptional dining experience that is sure to tantalize the taste buds of discerning food enthusiasts.

In this exceptional collaboration, Chef Jun Lee will delight guests with his unique culinary creation, fusing the flavours of Seoul with influences from both French and American cuisine. Experience the pinnacle of contemporary gastronomy as he presents his exquisite interpretation of fine dining. Meanwhile, at Raffles Bali’s renowned restaurant, Rumari, indulge in an extraordinary degustation menu that showcases the progressive and tantalizing flavours of Southeast Asia. Prepared in a contemporary style, this delectable feast promises to take your taste buds on a remarkable culinary adventure. These two extraordinary signature dishes will undoubtedly elevate the dining experience for connoisseurs of fine cuisine.

Against the backdrop of Rumari’s breathtaking views, where the main dining room offers mesmerizing vistas of Jimbaran’s blissful sunsets, guests will be transported to a realm of pure culinary delight. The gentle breeze and the lush hillside create an ambiance that fosters a deep connection to the land, amplifying the sensory experience.

Rumari and Friends Chapter Four promises to be a memorable evening of exploration, innovation, and culinary mastery. Well-traveled connoisseurs of fine dining will be delighted by the coming together of two extraordinary talents and the beauty of the setting. This extraordinary collaboration celebrates sustainability and a passion for utilizing local and seasonal produce. With each dish carefully crafted to showcase the best of both worlds, guests can expect an explosion of flavours and a harmonious symphony of culinary artistry.

Join us at Raffles Bali Resort for Rumari and Friends Chapter Four, an immersive culinary experience that will leave an indelible mark on your palate and create lasting memories. Indulge in the enchanting creations of Chef Gaetan and Chef Jun Lee, as they take you on a culinary odyssey that showcases the extraordinary potential of cultural fusion in the world of gastronomy. Immerse yourself in the magic, innovation, and artistry that will unfold at Rumari and Friends.