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Raffles Bali - Self-Purification with Sunset Blessing Ceremony
January 24th 2023

Self-Purification with Sunset Blessing Ceremony

One of the most essential parts of Balinese culture and religion is the traditional blessing ritual. This profound ritual, done by a Balinese Priestess, Healer, and Medicine Woman, is designed to cleanse and purify our mind, body, and soul in preparation for the new and a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

We greet our well-traveled connoisseurs at Raffles Bali with a Sunset Blessing Ceremony at the resort temple. Prior to the ceremony, there will be a reading session with the Balinese Healer to evaluate your past, present, and future by listening to the universe’s whispers. Following this session, you are ready to renew and remove the negative influences and energies by conducting the Melukat Ceremony, which includes a holy water bathing ritual followed by the Blessing Ceremony.

The Balinese healer was gifted the ability to listen and channel the whispers of the universe. She will guide you to solve your problems, heal your traumas, and, if presented to her, deliver and tell you the answers you seek from the universe.

Water is the most abundant natural resource on the planet. Water has a deep philosophical meaning in Bali and is deeply embedded in the local community’s culture. Melukat is one of the rituals performed with water to bring one closer to the Almighty. Melukat is a soul purifying ceremony known as tirthayatra in Balinese mythology. In Hinduism, this holy water ritual, or tirtha, is conducted as a form of devotion.

In the concept of Balinese cosmology, the universe has two properties, namely sekala and niskala. Sekala is real and can be captured with the five senses. Meanwhile, niskala is believed but is beyond the five senses.

Balance in the concept of cosmology is obtained when the macrocosm and microcosm are harmonious. The macrocosm is a very wide world that has regular boundaries. Man as a replica of the vastness of the universe is called the microcosm.

When humans experience bad things, such as pain, misery, anxiety, accidents, and death, it takes effort to return and surrender to the Almighty. The ritual of surrender to harmonise the microcosm and macrocosm as well as physically and spiritually, or sekala-niskala, is carried out by melukat.