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Raffles Bali - Rumari at Raffles Bali Launched Its 3.0 Experience
December 27th 2022

Rumari at Raffles Bali Launched Its 3.0 Experience

Rumari, a Progressive South East Asian Cuisine presented in Contemporary Style.

Rumari at Raffles Bali, the house of the sun and the full moon, a place of mesmerising beauty and gastronomical wonders of South-East Asian cuisine. On December 13th, 2022 Chef Gaetan invites you to experience for yourself Rumari’s Progressive Southeast Asian Degustation Menu 3.0. Discover authentic, bold flavours presented in a refined and organic way in an unforgettable setting.

Inspired by classical French cuisine and the flavours of South-East Asia, Chef Gaetan, originally from France creates unimaginable combinations that inspire and delight. From the combination of their cultures and experience in kitchens around the world indescribably unique flavours are born.

Chef Gaetan is also passionate about the importance of the 80/20 rule in creating Rumari’s contemporary menu, 80% of their ingredients being sourced from the archipelago, while the remaining 20% are imported by necessity.

Highlighting local farmers and household producers, this fine dining experience will showcase the very finest Indonesian ingredients, freshly delivered from throughout the archipelago to Rumari’s kitchens in Jimbaran, Bali. With sustainability in mind each piece of the menu has been hand-picked to express elements of the people and landscape of the region. From humble beginnings some of the most complex and nuanced flavours can be masterfully created by skilled hands.

On this journey of discovery you will witness and taste innovation, invention, and the recreation of classic South East Asian flavours like never before. Travel through the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, and Lombok led by the bold and intoxicating spices, vibrant seafood, and crisp fruits and vegetables that paint a picture of Indonesia’s past and future on your palate.

Mesmerising panoramic views of Jimbaran Bay and the lush hillside dotted with the thatched roofs of Raffles Bali exclusive resort serve to take you further into the heritage and culture of this unique archipelago. With sunset on the horizon the tranquility allows you to taste and explore every single flavour presented. Fine dining enthusiasts are immersed in a setting and service that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Rumari also features an exclusive wine collection offering over 250 labels paying homage to some of the greatest classics as well as selections from independent winemakers around the globe. We are also proud to have been appointed the first Krug Ambassade in Indonesia and one amongst a select few exclusive venues in the world.

For culinary connoisseurs with a zeal for sustainable and innovative cuisine, there is no dining experience to surpass Rumari.