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Raffles Bali - The Writers Bar
Raffles Bali - The Writers Bar
Raffles Bali - The Writers Bar
Raffles Bali - The Writers Bar

The Writers Bar

The Perfect Spot for Sunset Cocktails

Steeped in history, Raffles Hotel is the epitome of elegant days gone by. Built in 1887, it was considered the place to stay by upper class British colonials and, even today, no visit to Singapore can be considered complete without stopping by. The Long Bar, part of the Raffles Hotel, was a popular watering hole for colonial Singaporeans, almost a social institution, and it was not uncommon to see the gents tipping away on their glasses of gin or whisky. However, this was in stark contrast to the women. Prevailing etiquette dictated that they should not drink in public. It was very unladylike to see a woman swaggering or wobbling in public, but quite okay for men to do so. Alcohol was very much the preserve of male habit in those days. Ladies were relegated to sip on juice or water or tea.

These fact sets the background of the creation of the world famous Singapore Sling. In a genius moment of early Singaporean marketing prowess, barman Ngiam Tong Boon clicked that he could slip a dash of gin and cherry brandy into his pink “fruit cocktail” and the men (and public) would be none the wiser. The popularity of the drink spread throughout the world and although tourists may have tasted the drink in their own country, they still love to sit and sip the drink in the very place that it was invented. This is the story of the man behind the timeless cocktail.

In Bali, that magical moment between the end of the old day and the start of a new evening is a sacred time. Sunset rituals are performed at temples across the island, incorporating traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation throughout the centuries. At Raffles Bali, we have our own sunset tradition. Make your way to The Writers Bar to toast the sun’s descent with a Bali Sling, made with Sipsmith Gin. Located on the top floor of the lobby, the bar’s spectacular terrace is one of the best places in the entire resort for watching the show of blazing colour that accompanies the sun’s disappearance below the horizon.

From morning until past midnight, the bar sets the scene for conversations and Champagne celebrations, all of which take place beneath soaring rattan ceilings. Throughout the bar, local materials and artisan craftsmanship have been used to create a respectful interpretation of traditional Balinese style. Nowhere is this more evident than in the adjoining library, which doubles as a gallery space for artworks by Balinese locals and expats. Take the time to give each artistically masterpiece the attention it deserves while savouring a traditional English afternoon tea served alongside typical local treats on bespoke handmade China and Balinese Dulang tray.

Signature Cocktails

Beachfront Dining and Entertainment

The journey from the main resort to Loloan Beach Bar and Grill takes you through glinting emerald gold path surrounded onto the shores of our secluded beach with its ocean-view infinity pool. During the day, Loloan Beach Bar and Grill embraces the more casual side of island life, serving local seafood and wood-fired pizza on the terrace in between swim sessions. Beads of condensation frost the outside of glasses filled with bubbling champagne or chilled white wine, while the sea glitters temptingly in the equatorial sunshine. The rattan ceilings of the restaurant’s interior provide respite from the heat when needed.

Come evening, the atmosphere changes with the colours of the sunset sky. As velvet blue fades to peach, then gold, indigo and eventually to velvet black, so the restaurant transforms from relaxed daytime hangout to casually elegance dinner venue. At the open-air bar, torches reflect the fire of the emerging stars, and expert mixologist craft tropical cocktails. Savour sumptuous international cuisine and fresh seafood from the nearby Jimbaran waters. Live entertainment is an experience while on some evenings, dinner is accompanied by traditional Balinese music and dancing. Exclusively for Raffles Bali residents only.

Signature Dish

Indonesian Classics Reinvented

At the very heart of the resort lies Rumari Restaurant. A gathering point for discerning world travellers, it is a place to revel in good company and even better food. A place to wonder in anticipation at the scent of spices carried on the air, and to gaze out over endless views of Jimbaran Bay and the surrounding jungle. The restaurant occupies the highest point on the property, and makes the most of its setting with a vast corner terrace custom-made for al fresco dining beneath a blaze of southern hemisphere stars. Inside, Balinese crafts are showcased in illuminated display cases.

Encompassing the equally unique passion and savoir-faire, we are proud to announce that Rumari at Raffles Bali is appointed as the newest Krug Ambassade, the first ever in Indonesia and one amongst the selected few exclusive venues in the world. Perched on the highest point of Raffles Bali, the name ‘Rumari’ means the house of the sun and the full moon, a place of true celestial beauty right on the cusp of Jimbaran Bay. Led by Executive Chef Gaetan Biesuz, the restaurant presents Indonesian finest dishes in contemporary style. Rumari’s fine dining enthusiasts will be immersed in a setting that is nothing short of spectacular at any time of day or night on a gastronomy experience that will be among the best in the island.

The views and decor are both reasons to frequent Rumari, but the star of the show is and always will be the restaurant’s exquisite cuisine. Our culinary team use the freshest ingredients from the resort’s own kitchen garden, and from local fishermen and farmers, composing authentic Indonesian dishes with a contemporary twist. Imagine richly spiced Beef Rendang curry served accompanied by fragrant coconut rice; or Asam Pedas risotto brought to life by the contrasting flavours of tamarind and ginger. Rumari Restaurant offers the most sumptuous a la carte breakfast.

Signature Dish