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Raffles Bali - Raffles Bali Sustainable Green Initiatives
March 4th 2021

Raffles Bali Sustainable Green Initiatives

Raffles Bali lent its full support to the Green Activities program. While the brand is all about creating opportunities for intimate cultural interactions and exposing guests to the natural beauty of each destination, it is also committed to being a responsible host and treading lightly on the environment.

Raffles Bali highlighted two of Green Activities as a part CSR program.

Raffles Bali has recently established a partnership with Yayasan Jimbaran Hijau to make an ongoing sustainable contribution as a great initiative to grow and promote urban farming in the dry land of Jimbaran, Bali. Following the charity initiative, Raffles Bali commit to support the foundation by providing annual fund. The sustainable event of Jimbaran Mandiri Pangan was attended by one of our Heartist, Mr. Agus Suariadi, Raffles Bali Director of Talent and Culture. He commented that he was amazed at how they are trying very hard to grow some vegetables which are normally needing fertile soil and a colder climate. During the program, Mr. Agus planted one of organic vegetable “Mustard Greens” or “Sawi”. Through this green initiative, Raffles Bali is delighted to have taken part in this project for a better environment and economic growth of Jimbaran area as well as supporting local farmers in Bali.

Beside, supporting our local community, Raffles Bali also takes green initiatives by doing sustainable contribution of “Weekly Cleaning Blitz” in Raffles Bali’s beach and river. This was an important first step for the Heartists to strengthen their commitment and be accountable for the cleanliness of the island.

The cleanup activities involved all Raffles Bali heartists focused their efforts on removing rubbish from the banks of Jimbaran beach, a nearby river and network of irrigation canals. They managed to fill many bags with various items including discarded bottles, drinking straws, broken sandal, diapers, and other bits of debris. Long before this cleanup, Raffles Bali has always taken steps to engage the community in long-term environmental initiatives. Even though garbage is an inevitable part of tourism, its existence needs to be managed wisely. Every effort must be taken to ensure that all waste generated from visitors and local people alike does not cause damage or negatively impact Bali’s reputation as a popular holiday destination. This also means that the island’s current landfill system needs to be urgently evaluated to prevent garbage from re-entering rivers and the surrounding ocean.

Raffles Bali respects for the environment is firmly entrenched in the brand’s vision that conservation, community and commerce can and should be integrated. Raffles Bali’s “green” efforts extend beyond the operational aspects of each resort to create a positive impact on the community – economically, socially and culturally.