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Raffles Bali - Raffles Bali Introduces BMW iX Luxury Electric Car to Drive the Sustainability Movement
July 18th 2023

Raffles Bali Introduces BMW iX Luxury Electric Car to Drive the Sustainability Movement

Raffles Bali, a leading luxury resort committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, is delighted to announce the arrival of the first BMW iX, marking a significant milestone in the resort’s ongoing efforts to embrace electric mobility and reduce carbon emissions.

The BMW iX represents a pioneering breakthrough in electric mobility, born from a visionary concept and designed to redefine the driving experience. With its efficient BMW eDrive technology and fully electric all-wheel drive, the BMW iX achieves an exceptional range and delivers powerful acceleration from a standstill. The integration of the intelligent BMW Operating System 8 ensures seamless connectivity and intuitive control for an enhanced driving experience.

Raffles Bali’s decision to welcome the BMW iX aligns perfectly with the resort’s commitment to sustainability and its ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The resort recognizes the importance of transitioning to electric vehicles as a crucial step towards a greener future. By embracing electric mobility, Raffles Bali aims to contribute to the global movement of reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

As part of Raffles Bali’s Sustainability Program, the BMW iX will be utilized for guest transportation, allowing well-traveled connoisseurs to contribute directly to the resort’s sustainability program. By choosing the BMW iX for their transportation needs, guests at Raffles Bali become active participants in the resort’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and embracing sustainable practices.

The use of the BMW iX for guest transportation not only offers a luxurious and comfortable experience but also allows guests to make a positive impact on the environment. By opting for this eco-friendly transportation option, guests can travel in style while reducing their carbon footprint and supporting Raffles Bali’s sustainability initiatives.

Raffles Bali is proud to partner with BMW, a leader in electric vehicle technology, to bring the BMW iX to the resort. This collaboration reflects the shared values of sustainability, innovation, and excellence, creating a synergy that enhances the overall guest experience and reinforces Raffles Bali’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

The arrival of the BMW iX at Raffles Bali is an exciting milestone in the resort’s sustainability journey. It serves as a tangible demonstration of the resort’s commitment to carbon reduction and its dedication to embracing innovative solutions that contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.