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Raffles Bali - Raffles Bali Celebrated Global Wellness Day with a Day of Rejuvenation and Mindfulness
June 12th 2023

Raffles Bali Celebrated Global Wellness Day with a Day of Rejuvenation and Mindfulness

Raffles Bali, the esteemed luxury resort nestled in the heart of the stunning Bali Island, was delighted to announce its participation in Global Wellness Day on June 10, 2023. This special occasion served as a reminder of the importance of wellness and self-care, and Raffles Bali was committed to providing its guests with unique experiences that nurtured both body and soul.

Global Wellness Day was an annual event celebrated worldwide to promote health, well-being, and a balanced lifestyle. Observed on the second Saturday of June each year, Global Wellness Day encouraged individuals and communities to embrace positive changes for their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. The day aimed to raise awareness about the importance of self-care, healthy habits, and mindful living. It served as a reminder for people to prioritize their well-being, engage in physical activities, nurture their relationships, and practice self-reflection. Global Wellness Day inspired individuals to make conscious choices that contributed to their overall health and happiness, fostering a global movement towards a healthier and more harmonious world.

To mark Global Wellness Day, Raffles Bali curated a series of activities designed to promote well-being and relaxation. The day commenced with a morning Cleaning Blitz, reflecting the resort’s dedication to environmental stewardship. Taking green initiatives by doing a sustainable contribution of beach cleaning, Raffles Bali celebrated Global Wellness Day by strengthening their commitment to the cleanliness of the island and restoring our planet earth. The cleanup activities focused on removing rubbish from the banks of Jimbaran beach, a nearby river, and network of irrigation canals. They managed to fill many bags with various items including plastics, discarded bottles, broken sandals, diapers, and other bits of debris.

Following the beach cleaning, guests and staff gathered for a rejuvenating and healthy mini breakfast. The culinary team at Raffles Bali had crafted a delightful selection of nourishing dishes, showcasing the resort’s commitment to providing wholesome and mindful dining experiences.

To complete the day of wellness, Raffles Bali invited in-house guests to join a serene Tai Chi session on the beach. Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial art renowned for its meditative and health benefits, was led by experienced instructors. The rhythmic movements and focused breathing techniques of Tai Chi provided a peaceful and invigorating experience, promoting harmony of both mind and body.

“We were thrilled to participate in Global Wellness Day and offer our guests an opportunity to prioritize their well-being,” said Soffia Anggraini, Director of Spa and Wellbeing of Raffles Bali. “At Raffles Bali, we believed in providing holistic experiences that went beyond luxurious accommodations. Our commitment to wellness extended to our beautiful surroundings, mindful dining options, and activities that fostered tranquility and self-care. We invited our guests to join us on this special day as we embraced the essence of Global Wellness Day.”

All in-house guests with free time on June 10, 2023, were cordially invited to join Raffles Bali’s Global Wellness Day activities. It was an excellent opportunity for guests to connect with nature, indulge in nourishing cuisine, and cultivate a sense of inner calm.