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Raffles Bali - Our Plastic Free Promise at Raffles Bali
January 17th 2023

Our Plastic Free Promise at Raffles Bali

Bali has made substantial leaps in the past few years to use less plastic and become a more sustainable island, and at Raffles Bali we are dedicated to doing our part to contribute to this progress. Working together with both local and international artisans and makers, the luxury resort showcases the best of sustainable design in public spaces as well as in our luxury villas.

At Rumari Restaurant or Loloan Beach Bar and Grill it’s not only the food that is spectacular but the tableware as well. Each plate, dish, and bowl is handcrafted by visionary ceramics studio Gaya Ceramics. Their bespoke designs combine Italian design and Balinese craftsmanship to create exclusive home and hospitality accessories. Raffles and Gaya also align in our commitment to using exceptional quality materials, ethical employment, and sustainable practices to avoid unnecessary waste.

In the same vein, all cutlery at Rumari and Loloan is designed with both the impeccable taste of our guests, as well as longevity in mind. A curated knife solely crafted by Roland Lannier and fine cutlery from Robbe and Berking are made to last a lifetime.

Looking out over the beautiful bay at Jimbaran we are constantly reminded of how important and majestic our seas are. This is why in the bars and restaurants at Raffles Bali you will also find plastic straws are a thing of the past. The iconic cocktails at The Writers Bar and fresh juices at Rumari are served with straws made of cassava starch. This is a locally grown root vegetable that, when processed correctly, holds its shape much longer than paper. The emerging industry for sustainable amenities also creates jobs for locals and cuts down the number of disposable straws that end up in landfills, rivers, and the ocean, damaging wildlife and marine habitats.

Cutting down on waste from in villa amenities is also incredibly important at Raffles Bali. Although convenient, plastic water bottles have been found to be one of the top pollutants on Bali’s beaches. Switching over to elegant refillable glass water bottles in the villas decreases the need for disposable bottles, but allows guests to stay hydrated in the tropical heat. As well as glass bottles, all shampoos and soaps come in beautifully designed ceramic dispensers that are not only more pleasing to the eye in the stylish bathrooms, but eliminate the need for disposable packaging.

Our well-traveled connoisseurs will also find little luxuries in their villas including an elegant beach bag, hat, and slippers all made from local, sustainable materials. Rattan is one of the stars of sustainability in Indonesia and has been used by local people for centuries to make baskets, protection from the sun, and other useful items inside their houses and for farming, hunting, and gathering. Using woven rattan and leather, local artisans create beautiful accessories and amenities for guests to use during their stay.

The natural setting at Raffles Bali is one of the key elements that makes the resort such a magical place; from the stunning grounds, to the sustainable gardens that supply the restaurants, and the white sand beach leading into the crystalline waters of Jimbaran Bay. The wellbeing resort believes the key to maintaining all this beauty is environmentally friendly practices and small changes that add up to big differences. Using sustainable alternatives to disposable plastics is our promise to you, our cherished guests.