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Raffles Bali - Nyepi Day, a Time of Silence and Seclusion
February 2nd 2021

Nyepi Day, a Time of Silence and Seclusion

Bali’s cultural calendar is a non-stop cycle of religious ceremonies and colourful rituals that dominate all aspects of daily life on the island. The most unique occasion of all is Nyepi Day or Balinese New Year in accordance to the Saka Lunar calendar system. Unlike turn of the year festivities in other parts of the world, it is celebrated in silence as the entire island literally shuts down for 24 hours. The Silence Day is a day reserved for strict self-reflection. For one day in a year, there is no working, no entertainment or pleasure, no travelling, no lighting fires for the entire island. Although Nyepi is primarily a Balinese Hindu holiday, no one is exempt from the restrictions; no one is allowed onto the beaches or streets, and the only airport in Bali remains closed for the entire day. What is a usually busy island is utterly silent and peaceful at Nyepi. The lead up to this holy day involves a number of different events that are all intrinsically tied to the whole Nyepi experience:

Melasti Ceremony
Melasti is a customary procession for followers of the Hindu faith that always takes place in the days leading up to the Saka New Year. It involves sacred temple artefacts being carried to the sea or nearest holy spring for ritual purification.

Pengerupukan / Balinese New Year’s Eve
The eve of Balinese New Year in accordance to the Saka Lunar calendar is a festive celebration that takes place just before the island is shrouded in silence. Giant monster effigies are carried through the streets in lively parades featuring flaming torches, firecrackers and loud gamelan music. The aim is to create as much noise as possible to deter unseen spirits and malevolent forces from disturbing Bali’s seemingly peaceful existence.

Nyepi Day / A Time of Silence & Seclusion
Nyepi Day on the island of Bali is a New Year celebration unlike anywhere else in the world. It is observed with 24 hours of solitude as everything comes to a complete standstill. Balinese Hindus adhere to a set of customary rules including no fire, no travel, no activity and no entertainment. Some use this time for personal reflection, while others see it as an opportunity to relax as the entire island takes a temporary break. Lights are not permitted during the evening – leaving Bali in total darkness. As a visitor, you will be required to stay in the confines of your hotel, but free to use all facilities as usual. Traditional community guards will patrol each area to ensure that the rules of Nyepi are enforced.

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