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Raffles Bali - Farm Terrace

Farm Terrace

Local Cuisine and Cooking Classes

Bali is renowned as an island of incredible greenness. Terraced rice paddies, dense thickets of banana and coconut palms, verdant coffee plantations – all supported by a soil enriched with volcanic ash. Here at Raffles Bali, we respect the island’s agricultural heritage by growing herbs, fruits and vegetables in our garden. At the Farm Terrace, you can select your own ingredients and then learn to prepare them in a cooking or mixology class hosted by our expert chefs and mixologists. When you sit down to sample your creations at the rustic trestle table beneath a pergola entwined with vines, you’ll be getting an authentic taste of Bali.

In addition to professional culinary classes and private dinners, the Farm Terrace also hosts a very special cultural experience for up to six people. It begins in the late afternoon sunshine with a walk along the flower-strewn pathway to the Resort Temple. Arrive in time for a blessing by the local priest, before making your way to the Farm Terrace via the torch-lit path, just in time for sundowners. In the balmy warmth of an evening fragranced with the spicy scent of night-blooming flowers, take your seat for dinner. Each dish and the ingredients that went into it is explained by the chef, giving you a sense of the island’s astonishing natural bounty. In between courses, explore the star-studded night sky with the help of the terrace telescope. Exclusively for Raffles Bali residents only.

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