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Raffles Bali - Mahabharata, a Tale of Conflict, Virtue, and Eternal Wisdom
September 12th 2023

Mahabharata, a Tale of Conflict, Virtue, and Eternal Wisdom

The Mahabharata, one of ancient India’s paramount Sanskrit epics, stands alongside the Ramayana as a pinnacle of literary brilliance. Comprising over 74,000 verses, enriched with extensive prose passages, this captivating saga was ingeniously woven by the sage Vyasa, a forbearer to the legendary protagonists of this mythic narrative. The Mahabharata’s profound significance resonates as a profound source illuminating the evolution of Hinduism.

At its heart lies the monumental clash on the plains of Kurukshetra, an epic confluence between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. This cataclysmic battle crystallizes after years of intricate political maneuvers and conflicts. Yet, beneath the veneer of grandeur lies a heartrending tragedy—a war that fractured the bonds of brotherhood, pitting sons against fathers, uncles against nephews, and noble warriors against noble warriors. Amid the fierce combat, an overwhelming devastation unfolds, a pyre consuming the noblest souls. Although the Pandavas survive, the victor’s crown is bereft of glory, for the price of victory is a world left in ruins.

The narrative’s genesis traces back to the blindness of Dhritarashtra, elder sibling of two princes. This infirmity leads to his sidelining in favor of his brother Pandu as king. However, a curse mars Pandu’s ability to father heirs. Seeking divine intervention, Pandu’s wife Kunti invokes gods to sire offspring in Pandu’s stead. Thus, Yudhishtira by Dharma, Bhima by the Wind, Arjuna by Indra, and Nakula and Sahadeva by the Ashvins, come into being. The crescendo of rivalry propels the Pandavas into exile, where destiny unveils Draupadi, won by Arjuna’s arrow, and Krishna, a steadfast ally.

Despite a tumultuous return to their kingdom, the Pandavas are ensnared in another exile, this time spanning 12 years. Yudhishthira’s fateful gamble in a dice game with Duryodhana, the eldest Kaurava, reduces them to wanderers yet again. The culmination unfurls upon the Kurukshetra plain, where battles of unparalleled magnitude rage. The Kauravas face annihilation, leaving the Pandavas and Krishna as the sole survivors. A poignant twist of fate claims Krishna, and the remaining five brothers, joined by Draupadi and a faithful dog, commence their ascension to Indra’s realm. Their journey is one of trials and tribulations, where unity, virtue, and faith are tested.

Satya (Truth) and Dharma (Righteousness) emerge as the Mahabharata’s guiding principles. Amid its myriad narratives, the epic serves as a clarion call to awaken moral consciousness. It espouses the virtues of goodness, dharma, detachment, and refraining from malevolence by revealing the ephemeral nature of existence. Even amidst adversity, it steadfastly urges adherence to the path of dharma, ensuring prosperity, fame, enduring peace, and immortality.

Transport yourself into the intricate tapestry of the Mahabharata’s timeless narrative with the mesmerizing “Legong Mahabharata Dance,” a cultural masterpiece held at Puri Ubud. Situated merely a 1.5-hour drive away from Raffles Bali, this captivating experience promises to transport you to the heart of this epic saga.

To partake in this truly immersive encounter, simply reach out to your dedicated Raffles Wellbeing Butler. They stand ready to orchestrate every detail of your visit, ensuring a seamless and enchanting experience that mirrors the grandeur of the Mahabharata itself.



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