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Raffles Bali - Explore Sustainable Practices and Local Wisdom in Raffles Bali’s Magical Gardens
December 21st 2022

Explore Sustainable Practices and Local Wisdom in Raffles Bali’s Magical Gardens

A very unique guest experience at Raffles Bali, a tour of the resort’s incredible gardens. Is a window into the flora of the tropical island of Bali. Inspired by the lush hillsides overlooking Jimbaran Bay, the gardens are a wonderland for gardening and sustainability enthusiasts.

Our Resident Botanical Expert, Landscape Architect E. Junatan Muakhor, leads the tour of the grounds sharing his knowledge of the plants and trees, both indigenous as well as those planted with purpose. With a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture and 6 years working for luxury resorts in Indonesia and the Maldives, Junatan is the perfect tour guide for this journey.

Starting from the resort’s lobby, guests will be led over winding paths that cover the entire property from the entrance to the dramatic cliff tops overlooking the secluded beach. Many of the plants and trees growing within the resort are known locally for their health benefits and flavour, and are used in the kitchens at the resort to create exquisite dishes.

Stopping by the herb gardens guests will get to smell and taste some of the most iconic elements of Southeast Asian cooking. The tangy chilies, pungent kafir lime leaves, curry leaves, galangal, torch ginger, lemongrass and turmeric grown at our farm garden are staples for the kitchens at Rumari and Loloan Beach Bar and Grill.

Moving on from the herb garden guests will be shown the plants around the beautiful lobby and river area towards the 1.5 km long wonder path. Some of the trees and flowers most representative of Bali can be found here. From the fragrant frangipani, a symbol of purity and loyalty, to colourful Bougainvillea, both of which are used in offerings and during Hindu prayers in Bali. Coconut palms are plentiful, and Flamboyant trees with their bright red-orange flowers said to help suppress symptoms of malaria, catch the eye.

Joining the wonder path guests will learn about a number of interesting trees and plants that have been used over centuries to cure ailments, provide sustenance, and create useful products. Spiny Indian jujube plants have long been used to maintain blood circulation, and Moringa, now a much-revered superfood, contains seven times more vitamin C than an orange and fifteen more potassium than a banana. Cashews and mangos thrive here and are harvested for use in Rumari and Loloan restaurants. Passionfruit vines and hives of stingless bees which produce a rare dark honey also provide produce for the kitchens.

Towering travellers’ palms, the symbol of Raffles Hotels, are also seen along this path. Named in reference to their tendency to grow east to west, and also to hold up to a liter of water in their trunks, they were an asset for weary travellers. Founders of Raffles Hotels, the Sarkis brothers chose the iconic tree as a symbol of direction in an oasis for well-travelled connoisseurs.

This tour can be booked one day in advance and is recommended to be taken between 9-11am or 3-5pm. Only available for in house guests. We recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, and mosquito repellant. This is a chance to connect with local culture, the community and learn the wonders of Bali a little deeper.