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Raffles Bali - Earth Day Celebration at Raffles Bali
June 6th 2022

Earth Day Celebration at Raffles Bali

Following Planet 21 program, Raffles Bali creates opportunities for intimate cultural interactions and exposing guests to the natural beauty of Bali destination and also committed to being a responsible host and treading lightly on the environment.

Taking green initiatives by doing sustainable contribution of “Cleaning Blitz”, Raffles Bali is celebrating Earth Day by removing single use of plastic at the Resort as part of our commitment to eco-conscious actions and raise awareness on the importance of sustainability.

The event was held on Tuesday morning on 10th of May 2022. This was an important first step for the Heartists to strengthen their commitment for the cleanliness of the island and to restore our planet earth. The cleanup activities focused on removing rubbish from the banks of Jimbaran beach, a nearby river and network of irrigation canals. They managed to fill many bags with various items including plastics, discarded bottles, broken sandal, diapers, and other bits of debris.

Raffles Bali is trying to cut down on the most environmentally damaging of those resources: single-use plastic. In honor of Earth Day, we pledged to eliminate single-use plastic by July 2020 and to commit as a plastic free moment-turned-movement.