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Raffles Bali - The Secret Cave
Raffles Bali - The Secret Cave
Raffles Bali - The Secret Cave
Raffles Bali - The Secret Cave

The Secret Cave

A Gift from Nature

During the resort’s construction, our builders stumbled upon an unexpected treasure, a natural cave set into the hillside, with stunning views overlooking the green hillside surrounding the resort. The Secret Cave has been kept in all its natural glory, so that you can experience the same thrill of discovery when you come upon it for the first time.

With darkness descending, torches light the way to the cave’s entrance. The evening air is laced with sandalwood and the sound of age-old Balinese music reverberates on the breeze. Each course of the curated menu is explained in loving detail by our culinary experts. Seasonal ingredients from the resort’s garden and local farmers are beautifully showcased in inventive dishes, accompanied by a selection of whimsically spiced cocktails or fine champagne. This is an intimate experience that is beyond all expectations and is exclusively for Raffles Bali residents.

Signature Dish

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