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Raffles Bali - Raffles Bali is Awarded Hotel of the Year Winner By Destination Deluxe Awards 2022

Raffles Bali is Awarded Hotel of the Year Winner By Destination Deluxe Awards 2022

Raffles Bali has been recognized as the ultra-luxury hotel with the most beautiful view and legendary service in the island.

Raffles Bali proudly receives another prestigious award. The ultra-luxury hotel brought home the coveted Hotel of the Year Winner award at the annual Destination Deluxe Awards 2022, announced last 28 November 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Raffles Bali is an intimate oasis of emotional well-being. Located at the tranquil  Jimbaran Bay within Jimbaran Hijau development area, the resort offers unparalleled ocean vistas from each villa and  a most secluded beach. With just 32 well appointed pool villas providing utmost relaxation due to its generosity of space, each featuring their own outdoor terrace and private pool.  Raffles Bali is the most exclusive resort in Bali and boasts stunning sunsets, surrounded entirely by lush tropical gardens and exquisite dining. Inviting well-traveled connoisseurs to indulge in a signature Bali Sling in the iconic Writers Bar, enjoy a romantic dinner in The Secret Cave or rejuvenate at the indulgent Raffles Spa. Raffles Wellbeing Butlers can arrange a variety of bespoke treatments, cultural immersions and activities to deliver the ultimate experience in emotional wellbeing in the Island of the Gods.

Raffles Bali remains an intimate oasis of emotional well-being offering curated experiences to connect to culture, nature and flavors of Bali. We are humbled to receive this prestigious award in recognition to the dedicated and gracious work of our Raffles Bali HEARTIST that keep mesmerizing our well-travelled connoisseurs in everything we do and way beyond their stay. Thank you to the group of well-respected industry experts for the recognition,” says Katya Herting, the General Manager of Raffles Bali.

This is the first nomination and victory for Raffles Bali at Destination Deluxe Awards. This prestigious award remarks Raffles Bali’s fourth achievements in less than a year. This September, Raffles Bali was awarded as Bali’s Leading Luxury Villa 2022 by World Travel Awards and last June, the all-villa ultra-luxury resort won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2022 for Rumari to honor the restaurant’s impressive wine selection. Rumari restaurant was also appointed as the first and only ‘Krug Ambassade’ in Indonesia.



The Destination Deluxe Awards honor the leaders and pioneers in wellness and travel.

The prestigious Awards celebrate the hotels, spas, treatments, skincare and wellness brands that drive the remarkable luxury standard of these industries. Quality, transparency and originality are fundamental criteria of the Destination Deluxe Awards, as they recognize and praise the change-makers of today who go beyond set boundaries and innovate in their respective fields.

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Find whimsical delights and merriment as Raffles Bali presents ‘Tis the Season’ festive offerings for the holidays.

Raffles Bali introduces its “Tis the Season” Festive Calendar for December 2022. The ultra-luxury resort invites well-travelled connoisseurs to a grand and lavish fanfare with curated flavours to celebrate the upcoming Christmas and New Year.

The celebration begins with a Festive Afternoon Tea from 16 to 18 December 2022, available at The Writers Bar every day from 3 to 5 pm, where well-travelled connoisseurs can spend an elegant afternoon amongst friends and family. Savour the indulgent creations of The Writers Bar’s Festive Afternoon Tea. A unique assortment of sweet and savoury delicacies, tempting Indonesian “jajanan pasar”, and historical Dammann Freres Tea will be presented in a stunning Balinese wooden “dulang” with curated festive ornaments.

Rumari and Loloan will also join the festivities by launching several curated menus for well-travelled connoisseurs to indulge in during Christmas and New Year. Rumari opens its doors for a delectable Christmas Dinner, served on the evening of 24 and 25 December 2022, from 6 to 10 pm. The Christmas Dinner features a six-course menu of decadent culinary creations in distinctive Rumari style, inspired by the abundance of local, premium quality and sustainable fresh produce from Bali and across the fertile archipelago of Indonesia with surprise festive ingredients to tempt your palate.

For in-house well-travelled connoisseurs who plan to have a casual yet elegant Christmas celebration, Loloan Beach Bar and Grill will hold a special Christmas Dinner at the secluded beachfront of Raffles Bali on 24 December from 6 pm to 10 pm. The dinner will feature Chef Gaetan Biesuz’s six-course festive menu paired with a glass of wine specially curated for the occasion.

Celebrate Christmas Sunday Brunch in Rumari on 25 December from 12 to 4 pm. Expect a smorgasbord of culinary excellence with a unique selection of lavish spread of Chef’s Creations and Southeast Asian favourites, including a gourmet selection of truffle croissants, artisanal European cheese, plated Christmas degustation desserts, pass around, and festive amuse-bouche topped with the finest wine and Krug champagne for those Christmas toasts.

Welcome 2023 in Rumari with New Year festivities, starting with a New Year’s Eve dinner on 31 December 2022, from 6 pm to 2 am. This New Year’s Eve soiree features a six-course epicurean delight and the archipelago’s indigenous flavours paired with the finest wines. Bid farewell to the year 2022 with the island countdown event to unveil a brighter year in the splendour of Raffles Bali.

On 1 January 2023, Rumari continues to revel with a New Year’s Brunch available from noon to 4 pm. Start the first day of the new year with a languid brunch overlooking the magnificent views of Jimbaran Bay. The iconic Raffles Brunch brings you a unique and sophisticated selection of lavish Chef’s Creations, from delectable amuse-bouche to a gourmet selection of artisanal pasta and cheeses to plated degustation desserts combined with endless tantalizing pass around and festive premium wine and Krug champagne selections.

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Imagine a private candlelit dinner under the night sky, stars shining down on the two of you while serenaded by the ocean’s soothing waves and majestic sceneries. There’s no greater way to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one than experiencing the best romantic restaurants. 

Here are Bali’s most romantic and extraordinary private fine dining restaurants to create beautiful memories. 

The Secret Cave 

The Secret Cave is a natural cave set into the hillside, with stunning views overlooking the green hill surrounding the resort.  

Begin your private dining experience with sunset cocktails like many of Bali’s best cultural rituals. Drinks are presented at the top of the cave, with the final rays of sunshine dressing the sea and sky in gold. 

With the blessing and darkness descending, torches light the way to the cave’s entrance. The evening air is laced with sandalwood and echoes the sound of classical Balinese music. The menu is explained in earnest detail by culinary experts. The curated menu is prepared using seasonal ingredients from the resort garden and local farmers and accompanied by a selection of whimsically spiced cocktails and fine champagne.  

This majestic natural formation and exquisite dining experience are available in Raffles restaurant

The Purnama Honeymoon Bale 

The Purnama is a private, open-air gazebo with scenic ocean views that creates a rustic backdrop for twilight dining experiences created with lovers in mind. 

Receive front-row seats to watch the sun setting, reaching towards the silken sea and casting trails of ochre and gold in its path as you sip aperitifs at Loloan Beach Bar and Grill before wayfaring hand-in-hand towards The Purnama.  

A fire pit lights the path to this romantic pavilion, built on the rocks above the dark and calm water. The menu is inspired by the pavilion’s incomparable ocean views, featuring the very best of Jimbaran’s seafood bounty paired with fine wines. Afterward, the romance continues with candles set up in your private villa. 

The Purnama is open for Raffles Bali guests. Dining experiences can be arranged before your arrival and set on the spot. Reservations are recommended. 

The Farm Terrace 

The terraced rice paddies arrayed in velvet green, ornate groves of banana trees, and plantations rich with coffee tell the story of the island’s agricultural heritage. This abundance is reproduced in Farm Terrace, where exotic herbs, fruits, and vegetables grow in astounding ampleness. 

You can learn how to use freshly picked ingredients to prepare authentic local recipes and infused cocktails at a farm-style table set beneath a vine-covered pergola surrounded by citrus trees. This idyllic venue is also the setting of a culinary journey that begins with sunset drinks and a blessing at the beach and concludes with a multi-course al fresco feast. 

Chef Gaetan Biesuz brings his unique twist to some of Bali’s most loved classics. No matter its provenance, every dish is crafted using the finest seasonal ingredients from the surrounding area, with many exotic herbs, fruits, and vegetables grown in the resort’s own Farm Terrace garden. 

You can experience the Farm Terrace at Raffles Bali. Feel free to arrange a date to reserve your romantic spot

Loloan Beach Bar and Grill 


If you’re looking for the best dining experience with your family or partner, Loloan Beach Bar and Grill is the best place to go. This unique restaurant is located on a secluded beach, overlooking a 25-meter infinity pool offering a sumptuous seafood feast and premium meat selections beneath the shade of authentic Balinese-style ceilings. 

This place also provides well-traveled connoisseurs with ultimate seclusion for a gathering of friends and family. As twilight falls, tourists can experience a shift in the atmosphere from laid-back fun to casual elegance. 


Rumari - Sunset | Raffles bali

A gathering place for world travelers, Rumari Restaurant offers great food and good company for those who wish to relax and be at peace with friends and family. There’s nothing like wandering in anticipation at the scent of spices in the air and watching the jungle while Jimbaran Bay surround you in an endless view of nature. Under a blaze of southern hemisphere stars, the restaurant’s terrace makes the most of its elevated location on the property. Throughout the restaurant, illuminated display cases feature Balinese crafts that show their diverse culture. 

Encompassing the equally unique passion and savoir-faire, Rumari at Raffles Bali is appointed as the newest Krug Ambassade, the first ever in Indonesia and one amongst the selected few exclusive venues in the world. The achievement continues with earning the Wine Spectators 2022 “Award of Excellence” given to Rumari which offers thoughtfully chosen lists containing both quality and diverse selections that are compatible with the menu’s style and pricing. 

Visit an Ultra-Luxury Raffles Bali 

To experience all of these romantic restaurants, you must visit Raffles Bali, one of the Bali Indonesia luxury resorts, and celebrate life to the fullest. It will allow you to experience the best romantic restaurants and help you channel your inner spirituality and find an intimate oasis of emotional well-being. 

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The enchantment of Bali is indeed unbreakable. Bali has succeeded in captivating foreigners with their cultural wealth. The tradition upheld in their daily lives has become their own charm to the foreigners. Below are the top five things you should see and do on your next Bali visit and its private beaches.

Visit Gate of Heaven

gate of heaven in bali indonesia - things to do while in Raffles Bali Resort

A popular tourist attraction in East Bali, Pura Luhur Lempuyang, is known as Bali’s “gates of heaven.” Every day, tourists flock here to grab a shot of the “reflection” and Mount Agung from this famous spot. Its exact location is in East Bali in the region of Lempuyang, among the highlands of Mount Lempuyang at the height of 1,775m above sea level.   

There are seven different areas/temples within the complex, but most people simply flock to the “gates of heaven” because of their breathtaking view. 

Visit Pura Lempuyang Luhur 

Known as Bali’s most sacred temple, Pura Lempuyang Temple dates back centuries and is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Bali. A two-hour drive from Ubud and two-and-a-half hours from Canggu, Pura Lempuyang Temple Bali is situated on the island’s easternmost tip. It is around 30 minutes from Pura Lempuyang to the small beach town of Amed, which is popular with tourists heading to East Bali. 

Experience Jimbaran 

In Jimbaran, you’ll find golden sands and limestone cliffs —  typical of Bali’s seaside towns. Although Jimbaran is known for its seafood restaurants, it also has a number of beaches scattered around the area. 

This beach runs the length of a long road lined with a multitude of restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day, and you can order whatever looks good and pay by the gram. Swimming, snorkeling, and water sports are all popular pastimes here, as well as dining overlooking the sea with your feet in the soft sand. 

Raffles Bali is the best ultra-luxury resort in Bali, including the largest Seaview in Jimbaran. Its intimate oasis is perfect for soul-searching and beach getaways.  

Have a Taste of Bali’s Dishes 

Bali is one of the world’s most beautiful places, known for its beautiful beaches, lush culture, and luxury villas overlooking paddy fields. Aside from that, it is also famous for its unique and sumptuous dishes that commonly reflect its rich culture. 

If you want to experience these rich cultural plates, you can visit Rumari at Raffles Bali. The Raffles Bali has a number of dining destinations that will surely feed your appetite. From Babi Guling, Sate Lilit, and Tipat Blayag, everything is available for you!  

Stay with a Local Family 

Homestays in Bali are typically bed & breakfast-styled spaces located in the compound of a Balinese family. Rather than staying inside their main home, you remain in a small building or bungalow within their compound. 

Having the opportunity to stay with a Balinese family is a truly unique experience. You can witness their daily activities and ceremonies, and you will be able to participate in them.  

The best thing about Balinese families is the people who never miss to welcome you and ask how your day was, no matter what time you come home. 

The Five Senses of Wellness 

Raffles Bali, one of the best beachfront private villa Bali also offers a signature emotional well-being program crafted carefully by a group of wellness experts. Well-traveled connoisseurs can experience wellness sessions and cultural and culinary activities to achieve a new level of rejuvenation called “The Five Senses of Wellness.” 

The Five Senses of Wellness is designed to assist well-traveled connoisseurs in relaxing and attaining a new level of serenity and life balance. It blends customized wellness sessions, cultural activities, and culinary experiences. 

As part of the well-being journey, participants can not only attend the wellness program but also visit an ‘ikat’ weaving village, where they can experience a cultural immersion of Indonesian fabrics, as well as experience sound healing, an immersive Light, Sound, and Vibration treatment that enhances the human potential. 

To know more about it, feel free to contact us at the below details:  


WhatsApp: +62 851-7110-9559.​​​​​​​ 

Phone: (0361) 201580 

The Jimbaran Bali area is famed for its white sand beaches, sunsets, and grilled seafood dinners by the beach. In addition to these fantastic favors, you can also enjoy plenty of activities that will feed your Balinese soul. Today, let’s explore what they are so you can include them on your next Bali visit. 

Jukung Boat Ride Upon Sunset

You should never miss the Jukung boat ride at sunset. A jukung or kano is an Indonesian outrigger made of wood. It is a kind of canoe that can be used as a fishing boat or a vehicle for small groups of SCUBA divers. 

These boats are remnants of old Bali, with hand-painted colorful jukung boats along the shore. Jukung boats can carry a handful of people – an intimate activity where you can get to know other tourists visiting Bali. You can also witness all the hip bars and restaurants along the coast and find that there are still little secret coves and undiscovered areas that the developers haven’t built yet. Its dramatic sunset will let you appreciate the magnificent hills known in Bali. 

Raffles Bali offers Jimbaran Sunset Cruise as one of the well-traveled connoisseur’s activities. Enjoy an afternoon journey – a scenic two-hour ride along the coast of the Indian Ocean, bask in the magnificent last rays of the sunset while marveling at the sight of Jimbaran Bay beach. 

Dining by the beach at Loloan Beach Bar and Grill 

If you’re looking for the best dining experience with your family or partner, Loloan Beach Bar and Grill is the best place to go. This unique restaurant is located on a secluded beach, overlooking a 25-meter infinity pool offering a sumptuous seafood feast and premium meat selections beneath the shade of authentic Balinese-style ceilings. 

This place also provides well-traveled connoisseurs with ultimate seclusion for family and friends gatherings. Tourists can experience a shift in the atmosphere as twilight falls from laid-back fun to casual elegance. Loloan Beach Bar and Grill is exclusively for Raffles Bali’s in-house guests only. 

Uluwatu Temple Visit and Kecak Dance  

One of Bali’s nine key directional temples, Uluwatu Temple, is perched 70 meters above sea level on the side of a cliff and is one of the most spectacular temples on the entire island. 

According to inscriptions, Mpu Kunturan established Uluwatu Temple about 1,000 years ago, along with several other important temples in Bali, such as Pura Sakenan in Denpasar. A black roof built from palm fronds surrounds Uluwatu Temple, giving it a unique architectural style. The amazing location, precariously between heaven and earth, makes it the most impressive thing anyone can see.  

Nearby Uluwatu Temple is the famous Kecak dance performance which sees bare-chested dancers who relate the Hindu epic story of Rama and Shinta against a spectacular sunset backdrop. A reserved front row seats allow you to watch in absolute comfort as the dancers move in concentric circles, chanting as one to create a mesmerizing wall of human sound. Experience Raffles Bali’s unique cultural journeys and enriches your Balinese soul by giving you an insider’s perspective on island life. 

Balinese House Visit  

One of the best places to visit in Bali is the Traditional Balinese House Compound, which is located in Jimbaran Village — a 5-minute drive away from Raffles Bali. Most buildings here are designed using Balinese architecture, highlighting Balinese lifestyle concepts. The house-building concept consists of several buildings with different functions and activities. Each of the important structures within the Balinese family compound is carefully laid out and surrounded by a rectangular perimeter wall. In Balinese culture, the family compound is compared to the human body, so the first step is to consult a Balinese calendar before buying land and starting construction. 

Embark on a cultural exploration journey and marvel at the sight of a stunning Balinese traditional house during your cultural activity at Raffles Bali. It includes making Balinese offerings and enjoying traditional Balinese sweets during the house visit. Learn the immaculate concept of Asta Kosala Kosali where each and every compound constructed has profound meaning and values. 

Sunrise Stroll at Raffles Bali Secluded Beach 

Travelers worldwide will find a sense of well-being and serenity at Raffles Bali, the brand’s 15th hotel in the world and one of the best hotels in Jimbaran Bali. Its perfect location makes this Balinese establishment ideal for those flying into Ngurah Rai. This ultra-luxury resort can only be reached by a winding, majestic road that winds through lush tropical nature and shields it from the outside world. 

In addition to enjoying every living space in complete privacy and relaxing in the Raffles spa, guests can experience unforgettable moments from sunrise to sunset. 

If you want to visit Raffles Bali or know more about it, feel free to contact us below, and we will be happy to answer you.  



WhatsApp: +62 851-7110-9559.​​​​​​​ 

Phone : (0361) 2015800 

The traditional dishes of Bali are a huge part of the culture in Indonesia as most of them date back centuries ago, almost as old as the culture itself. Here are Bali’s local cuisines if you want to experience the diverse culture of the city. 

Sate Lilit 

Sate Lilit | Raffles Bali


Bali is known for its grilled meat dish, Sate Lilit. The word “lilit” roughly means “wrap around” wherein the meat is usually wrapped around the skewers. Traditionally, lemongrass stalks are used as skewers instead of bamboo skewers served with satay sauce made of fresh peanut – a must for any true satay fan. The Sate Lilit recipes are dated centuries back and are one of the best-known staples in the city. In Bali, it has been handed down through generations and has become a staple food, too. Indulge in The Writers Bar, one of the Raffles restaurant’s indigenous tapas “Sate Lilit Ikan” from the island-fresh produce of Jimbaran village. 

Babi Guling 

babi guling | raffles bali

In Indonesia, a suckling pig is commonly known as Babi Guling. It is one of Bali’s most famed dishes. The pig is stuffed and infused with a spicy concoction typically including turmeric, coriander seeds, lemongrass, black pepper, and garlic, and traditionally spit-roasted. Pork is then placed on a spit and roasted over an open fire. This Balinese delicacy is usually served during special occasions and formal gatherings, but can often be found in warungs, traditional Indonesian casual eateries. The dish is so popular in Bali that most warungs specialize and serve only Babi Guling as their signature dish.  

Rumari at Raffles Bali creates a rendition of the old-time favorite Babi Guling. You can find it on the Rumari Discovery menu with slow-roasted organic heritage pork from the great partnership with “Black Heritage Pig Farm”, the only self-sustainable, organic Farm in Bali located in Baturiti. The dish is commonly combined with urab pakis salad and aromatic fragrant jus.  

Ayam Betutu 

Ayam Betutu | raffles bali

A Balinese dish, Betutu is a combination of chicken steamed or roasted in a rich curry sauce. It is a popular dish in Bali, Indonesia, due to its high spice and seasoning content – a signature taste of Bali cuisine and a favorite of both locals and tourists. An even spicier version can be made with uncooked onion slices mixed with red chili peppers and coconut oil, making it a must-try for tourists in Bali. 

Tipat Blayag 

Tipat Blayag originated in Penglatan Village, Buleleng Regency. It was seldom prepared to entertain guests who visited the village in ancient times as a traditional dish, but today, it is often hunted by tourists looking for its unique food taste. 

This dish’s ingredients consist of ketupat or tipat in Balinese, vegetables, grated coconut, soybeans, shredded chicken, fried chicken feet, chili sauce, and chicken skin crackers. It can easily be found in North Bali. Savor one of Rumari’s favorite Tipat Blayag during breakfast at Raffles Bali. 

Experience these Dishes at Rumari and The Writers Bar, Raffles Bali  

If you are looking for a place to experience these traditional dishes, you may visit Rumari and The Writer’s Bar. Besides the good food, you can also enjoy the serene environment provided by the community while you enjoy all the best services Bali has to offer. 

If you are looking for South East Asian including traditional Balinese and Indonesian cuisine, Rumari offers the most authentic dishes with sustainable ingredients presented in European flair.  

On the other hand, you can also go to The Writers Bar Bali which is located at the pinnacle of the Raffles Bali resort. It is an ideal spot for sundowners looking for the best-overlooking view of the bay while drinking Champagne and cocktails until late. 

To visit Rumari and The Writers Bar, visit Raffles Bali, one of the best hotels in Jimbaran, Bali.

Raffles Bali has been recognized as the ultra-luxury resort with the most beautiful  Presidential Villa in the island

Bali, September 2022 — Raffles Bali proudly receives another prestigious award to their list. The ultra-luxury resort brought home the coveted Bali Leading Luxury Hotel Villa award for its Presidential Villa at the annual World Travel Awards 2022, announced last 7 September 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Raffles Bali’s Presidential Villa is the highest villa category decorated with contemporary furnishings in the shade of sand beige and mahogany, blends beautifully with traditional Balinese and Indonesian architectural styles in the central living area. The two-bedroom Presidential Villa complex is a kingdom unto itself, sitting on one of the highest points in the resort with unparalleled privacy amidst magnificent ocean vistas and the evergreen hills of Jimbaran Bay, pampered in curated sensory experiences of utter indulgence. The beautiful compound is blessed with exceptional privacy and is preferred by celebrities, heads of states and high-profile individuals to escape from the world while reveling in ultimate panoramic views of the pristine secluded beach of Jimbaran Bay.

“Raffles Bali is such a magical place where every villa is blessed with ocean and sunset views to let guests immerse in Bali’s natural beauty at its peak. We are humbled to receive this prestigious award and recognition that I share with my team as we pride ourselves as Raffles legendary service since 1887. Thank you to all well-traveled connoisseurs who voted for us,” says Katya Herting, the General Manager of Raffles Bali.

This is the first nomination and victory for Raffles Bali at the World Travel Awards. This prestigious award remarks Raffles Bali’s third achievement in less than a year. Last year, Raffles Bali was appointed as the first and only ‘Krug Ambassade’ in Indonesia. And last June, the all-villa ultra-luxury resort won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2022 for Rumari to honor the restaurant’s impressive wine selection.

World Travel Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the global travel, tourism and hospitality industries. The awards were established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all key sectors of the industries. Today, the World Travel Awards brand is recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence and celebrates its 29th anniversary this year.

Raffles Bali is a serene oasis that celebrates its beautiful tropical setting in languid island style. It’s open, breezy and light, with plush gardens and a sea view from every villa, table and infinity pool. It’s all you’d expect from one of the world’s leading hotel brands – and more.

Location : 9 / 10

The property is located on the Bukit Peninsula. It overlooks Jimbaran Bay and southern Bali, and is flanked on one side by a steep, densely vegetated valley, which heightens the sense of privacy and serenity. The property, a 20-minute drive from the airport, has a secluded beach.

Style and Character : 9 / 10

Raffles Bali revels in a lavish sense of peace and privacy, due largely to the generous amount of space that the resort enjoys. The 32 contemporary Balinese-style pool villas are set on 57 acres (23 hectares) of land and the property, which has a magnificent ocean view, is laced with flourishing tropical gardens.

Although much care and attention to detail have gone into the buildings themselves, the structures take a back seat, allowing guests to immerse themselves in experiencing the harmonious space, rather than simply observing it. Look out for Indonesian and Japanese artefacts, as well as paintings by Walter Spies.

Service and Facilities : 10 / 10

Prior to arrival guests are assigned their own butler, who will ensure that guest preferences are fulfilled. The butler, the guest’s point of contact throughout their time at Raffles, is on hand to make all necessary plans and reservations, and to chauffeur guests by buggy around the resort. Facilities include a beachfront infinity pool, two restaurants, Raffles’ signature Writers’ Bar and library, a spa, meditation terrace, fitness centre, yoga space, gift store and two tennis courts. Unique to the property is a small limestone cave, used for meditation sessions and private dinners.

Rooms : 10 / 10

The expansive ocean-facing villas, of various sizes with either one or two bedrooms, are private oases decorated with batik fabrics, rattan furniture and Indonesian hardwood floors. Each one stands within a manicured garden, and opens onto an al-fresco dining area and infinity pool, with sun deck on one side and a plush-cushioned gazebo on the other. Villas each have a walk-through dressing area, work desk, and a spacious bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower, as well as large bathtub. The minibar is stocked with imported spirits, and there is an espresso machine.

Food and Drink : 10 / 10

A meal at Raffles Bali is reason alone to book a flight to Indonesia. The cuisine at Rumari (appointed as the country’s first Krug Ambassade) is a celebration of traditional Indonesian fare with a contemporary twist; every course is a work of art, from the beef rendang curry to babi guling (roast suckling pig) and red snapper ceviche. The Sunday brunches are a lavish affair and not to be missed.

Breakfast (included in the rate) can be served in-villa or at Rumari, where the menu includes fresh pressed juices, an astounding selection of teas, cheeses and charcuteries as well as organic eggs, tuna poke and lobster omelette.

The Writers Bar, alongside Rumari at the highest point of the property, is a wonderful place to enjoy sunset cocktails (and of course, a Bali Sling) while Loloan Beach Bar and Grill, on the water’s edge, offers casual dining by day, and transforms into an elegant dinner setting after sunset.  All ingredients are grown on the property or carefully sourced from local producers.

Value for Money : 8 / 10

Double rooms from 21,114,500 Indonesian rupiahs (£1,093) per villa per night (two people max); 22,203,500 Indonesian rupiahs (£1,150) in high season. Rate includes return airport transfer, butler service, breakfast, daily yoga, and some minibar items. Free Wi-Fi.

Access for guests with disabilities?

Arrangements will be made for guests who need wheelchair access.


Yes. There are two-bedroom villas available. Activities for children include cooking class, star gazing and origami making.

For more information please visit The Telegraph

How do you define luxury? Take a long and winding road to the heart of this stunning new resort, both the largest in scale and the smallest in room number of any Raffles in the world.

By Vincent Vichit-Vadakan

Sep 5, 2022

SOMETIMES I CAN BE LIKE a kid in a toy store over some of the most trivial things. As the limo was driving me to Raffles Bali, I was a little distracted by more treats and amenities than I knew I needed, like a leather-bound flask and shot glasses for refreshments, handmade sweets wrapped in banana leaves, nuts (“We have a cashew tree on the grounds, but not enough to serve our guests,” said my chatty driver, “yet”), magazines and a power bank for charging up after a long flight, I almost didn’t notice that we’d pulled up to the gates of the property.

When we drove into Raffles Bali, I was struck by how far the entrance is from the lobby–1.5 kilometers! That’s the first time the sheer scale of the resort hit me. Built over 23 hectares (making it the largest property anywhere in the world under the legendary Rafflesbrand) there are just 32 villas, which is the smallest number of keys for any Raffles. You do the math. That means that the resort, and by extension its guests, have a lot of room to play with. The owners also have plans for a 100-hectare golf course just over a hill, ensuring that the natural view from the resort will remain undisturbed.

Once I settled in, it was time to go exploring. Dika Nanta, the resort’s Botanical Guru, took me on a tour of one of the property’s most distinctive features: its sprawling lush grounds. The young man wears his title of guru well–he’s a walking, talking encyclopedia with a passion for plants and Balinese culture.

As we scoot around in a buggy on the resort’s hilly paths, he reels off factoids in his soothing but authoritative Balinese burr pointing out the direction in which the fronds of the travelers palm, adopted as the symbol of the hotel, grow (they grow on a north-south axis to catch the most sunlight); a bodhi tree (under one of which Buddha is said to have found enlightenment); the naupaka flower that looks like its missing half its petals because, legend says, of a lovers’ spat; and moringa, he grew up eating not because it’s a trendy superfood but because it grows wild here. We stop at a souring tamarind tree and I get to return the favor by sharing that not just the pulp of the fruit but the young leaves are also a popular addition to soups in the northeast of Thailand.

Back in my villa, it was time for strong black Javanese tea scented with jasmine flowers and leaves and jamu, healthy and herbaceous infusions and decoctions that are made up fresh daily. New snacks and fruit platters appeared every night with some of my favorites like huge juicy rambutan and tart crisp snake fruit.

The all-seaview, all-private-pool villas have comfortable interiors, decked out with dark wood floors, rattan furniture and traditional batik fabrics. Outdoors, the spacious garden areas are a constant temptation to lounge about. My infinity pool looked over the Indian Ocean by day and the lights of Jimbaran by night. Nerdy plane-spotters (we all know at least one) will also enjoy the uninterrupted views of the runway of Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport in the distance. I spent more than one afternoon with a book in the shade of the pool-side gazebo, which was also a great place to curl up with an after-dinner drink and gaze at the stars.

I started each day with a one-on-one yoga session. Why am I an early (OK, earlier) riser when I’m traveling yet I find it so hard to drag myself to the gym when I’m home? That’s a rhetorical question, but morning yoga here delivers an energizing, rewarding experience.

After yoga, it was a short walk from the outdoor studio to rewards of a tastier nature. Breakfast at Rumari offers panoramic sea views with some of the best croissants this side of Paris. Even if you’re an eggs Benedict (which, incidentally, are excellent here) sort of person, don’t miss Rumari’s renditions of humble Balinese dishes like tipat blayag, rice cakes served with braised pork and condiments.

Each Raffles has its own take on the classic Singapore Sling, a nod to the drink created in the original Singapore hotel in 1915. Here the Bali Sling makes good use of Balinese arak, a fermented spirit that gives the drink a kick, as well as jackfruit and butterfly pea flower.

By night, Rumari comes alive with chef Gaetan Biesuz’s modern take on Indonesian food like his babi guling. Not just your ordinary roadside roast pork popular around the island, this sophisticated version is made from free-range pork from the Bali Heritage Pig Farm, where only small numbers of local black pigs are raised in optimum conditions. Chef G., as he is known, serves it as a trio of a pork chop, a fork-tender piece of belly and a spiced sausage, all on the same plate.

If you can’t tear yourself away from the public pool, you can also enjoy the international menu at Loloan. Or explore the nooks and crannies of the expansive estate with a barbecue on a hillside or even retreat into the resort’s secret cave with more atmosphere than you could shake a Flintstone-sized club at.

Raffles Bali is 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar; Ocean Pool Villas from Rp14.2 million. 

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Raffles Bali is a special place with everything you would expect and just a little bit more

How comes a butler doesn’t butle? Or even buttle? A driver drives, a singer sings and a wringer wrings, but ‘butle’ simply doesn’t feature as a verb, except humorously. If you ask a butler what he or she does for a living, you’re unlikely to get the answer, “I butle, and sometimes I buttle.” It’s just not a word in common usage, and I think it should be, because no one butles (or buttles) like Raffles.

It’s a feature of all Raffles resorts that guests get their own, dedicated (in more than one sense) butler. It’s part of the programme and achieves the dual objectives of ensuring that the guest gets everything they need when they need it and making them feel special. It’s not ‘hand on foot’ butlering—even that word sends my spellchecker into spasms—it’s a temporary social contract that may not make or break a stay at a Raffles property but is certainly capable (when duly signed) of elevating the overall experience.

The butlers at Raffles Bali are a wonderful group of people, and mine recently made my visit to the ‘Island of the Gods’ (Bali, if you prefer) a truly memorable one. The experience started way before arrival with WhatsApp contact being established.

Obviously there are innumerable details that need to be gone through to make sure that the guest is comfortable—dietary restrictions, transport arrangements and even whether you would like alcohol in your welcome drink or not (a rhetorical question in my case…). It sets a platform of comfort and care on which the guest is convinced that all members of staff, and the butler in particular, are genuinely concerned about the guest’s wellbeing and will do everything they can to facilitate an unforgettable temporary residence.

I won’t tell you the name of my butler at Raffles Bali, to protect the innocent. Let’s call her ‘Pinky’. Actually that is her name (albeit her nickname) but it’s in print now, so it’s too late to change anything. Forget about the forelock doffing sycophant that you see in those British TV dramas loved by Americans, my relationship with Pinky was one of almost instant friendship and respect. I would like to think that it was mutual, but I can’t speak to how she may have felt.

Pinky was a great host. She was friendly, articulate and knowledgeable—not simply about the resort and its facilities, but on tourism dynamics and the current state of play in our post-the-worst-ravages of the pandemic world (hopefully), cultural differences and international cuisine. We even discussed the Large Hadron Collider.

She arranged my itinerary and then furnished me with it—three days prior to my arrival—and made sure I was where I needed to be when I needed to be there, even making sure that I didn’t get lost when walking from my villa to the resort’s reception—all of 150 metres. She indulged all my idiosyncrasies, such as wanting to walk everywhere rather than taking a buggy and not wasting electricity on ‘light shows’ that no one cares about.

I can’t refer to Pinky as a butler anymore, although she buttled brilliantly, but her contribution to the overall enjoyment of my residence at Raffles Bali can’t be overstated. Don’t think The Remains of the Day but do consider Jeeves and Wooster. 

There is plenty to do at the resort, especially if all you want to do is as little as possible. This place was designed for rest and relaxation. Literally hewn out of rock on a spectacularly verdant hillside, the resort consists of 32 villas (one ‘presidential’ with an eye-watering price tag) all with their own pool, and all surrounded by lush vegetation. The accommodation itself is… quintessentially Raffles. Fans of the brand (let’s call you Raffleites) will know exactly what I mean.

Always slightly understated, the villas are superbly appointed with studied references to local culture and iconography and with the inimitable style that has made the group’s properties so recognisable and so highly lauded.

If you’re interested in getting your chakras balanced, that can be arranged. Numerology is invoked, crystals are laid, and gongs made to resonate—often harmoniously. Morning yoga, an array of spa treatments and late-night ginger tea-making butlers (to help with digestion and sleep) are all par for the course at what must rank as one of the most luxurious and exclusive resorts on the island.

The food throughout the resort is good, often very good. ‘Downstairs’ by the beach and the pool, the Loloan offers casual dining during the light hours and more serious fusion cuisine when it gets dark. Many of the dishes are creative and make excellent use of local, sustainably produced ingredients.

It’s airy, convivial and atmospheric as diners can look west to the Raffles Bali pool, and north to Jimbaran Bay, but if getting closer to the ebb and flow of the local tide is your bag, then book the Purnama Bale for a spot of private dining. The Executive Chef, Gaeten Biesuz, will curate a menu for you that will be impeccably gradated in terms of flavour and heft progression, while waves lap on the rocks immediately below the enclave as positive palate enliveners. It’s a great experience, as is the private dining in a cave. Yes, an actual cave.

There are several things you can do with a cave once you discover it. Store things in it—wine is always good because of the constant temperatures. Advertise it on Air Be and Bear for ursine tourists; or turn it into a private dining room for people savvy enough to appreciate the ambience and know that every Raffles resort presents opportunities to indulge, subtly, in understated and slightly self-effacing luxury. This is the mark of the brand, as is the butler service that tops, tails and infuses the magical Raffles experience.

Pinky is an important cog in the machine that curates experiences, and a person with her own hopes, dreams and ambitions that extend to being on the other side of the conversation in the future. The Raffles group is very particular about its staff, recognising potential without getting hung up about experience, and places extra emphasis on character, attitude and personality. Conforming to the Raffles’ service ethos can’t be easy, and only the select few need apply, but those who ultimately find themselves representing the brand do so with pride and an indelible sense of place.

Raffles Bali is everything you would expect and just a little bit more. It’s not a ‘home from home’—a ridiculous phrase in the context, trotted out by unimaginative marketing people with deadlines to meet. The whole purpose of travelling to a sumptuous resort is to get away from ‘home’ and experience something special. Raffles Bali is that kind of special place.

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