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Raffles Bali - Ultimate Guide: Best Romantic Restaurants in Bali
October 14th 2022

Ultimate Guide: Best Romantic Restaurants in Bali

Imagine a private candlelit dinner under the night sky, stars shining down on the two of you while serenaded by the ocean’s soothing waves and majestic sceneries. There’s no greater way to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one than experiencing the best romantic restaurants. 

Here are Bali’s most romantic and extraordinary private fine dining restaurants to create beautiful memories. 

The Secret Cave 

The Secret Cave is a natural cave set into the hillside, with stunning views overlooking the green hill surrounding the resort.  

Begin your private dining experience with sunset cocktails like many of Bali’s best cultural rituals. Drinks are presented at the top of the cave, with the final rays of sunshine dressing the sea and sky in gold. 

With the blessing and darkness descending, torches light the way to the cave’s entrance. The evening air is laced with sandalwood and echoes the sound of classical Balinese music. The menu is explained in earnest detail by culinary experts. The curated menu is prepared using seasonal ingredients from the resort garden and local farmers and accompanied by a selection of whimsically spiced cocktails and fine champagne.  

This majestic natural formation and exquisite dining experience are available in Raffles restaurant

The Purnama Honeymoon Bale 

The Purnama is a private, open-air gazebo with scenic ocean views that creates a rustic backdrop for twilight dining experiences created with lovers in mind. 

Receive front-row seats to watch the sun setting, reaching towards the silken sea and casting trails of ochre and gold in its path as you sip aperitifs at Loloan Beach Bar and Grill before wayfaring hand-in-hand towards The Purnama.  

A fire pit lights the path to this romantic pavilion, built on the rocks above the dark and calm water. The menu is inspired by the pavilion’s incomparable ocean views, featuring the very best of Jimbaran’s seafood bounty paired with fine wines. Afterward, the romance continues with candles set up in your private villa. 

The Purnama is open for Raffles Bali guests. Dining experiences can be arranged before your arrival and set on the spot. Reservations are recommended. 

The Farm Terrace 

The terraced rice paddies arrayed in velvet green, ornate groves of banana trees, and plantations rich with coffee tell the story of the island’s agricultural heritage. This abundance is reproduced in Farm Terrace, where exotic herbs, fruits, and vegetables grow in astounding ampleness. 

You can learn how to use freshly picked ingredients to prepare authentic local recipes and infused cocktails at a farm-style table set beneath a vine-covered pergola surrounded by citrus trees. This idyllic venue is also the setting of a culinary journey that begins with sunset drinks and a blessing at the beach and concludes with a multi-course al fresco feast. 

Chef Gaetan Biesuz brings his unique twist to some of Bali’s most loved classics. No matter its provenance, every dish is crafted using the finest seasonal ingredients from the surrounding area, with many exotic herbs, fruits, and vegetables grown in the resort’s own Farm Terrace garden. 

You can experience the Farm Terrace at Raffles Bali. Feel free to arrange a date to reserve your romantic spot

Loloan Beach Bar and Grill 


If you’re looking for the best dining experience with your family or partner, Loloan Beach Bar and Grill is the best place to go. This unique restaurant is located on a secluded beach, overlooking a 25-meter infinity pool offering a sumptuous seafood feast and premium meat selections beneath the shade of authentic Balinese-style ceilings. 

This place also provides well-traveled connoisseurs with ultimate seclusion for a gathering of friends and family. As twilight falls, tourists can experience a shift in the atmosphere from laid-back fun to casual elegance. 


Rumari - Sunset | Raffles bali

A gathering place for world travelers, Rumari Restaurant offers great food and good company for those who wish to relax and be at peace with friends and family. There’s nothing like wandering in anticipation at the scent of spices in the air and watching the jungle while Jimbaran Bay surround you in an endless view of nature. Under a blaze of southern hemisphere stars, the restaurant’s terrace makes the most of its elevated location on the property. Throughout the restaurant, illuminated display cases feature Balinese crafts that show their diverse culture. 

Encompassing the equally unique passion and savoir-faire, Rumari at Raffles Bali is appointed as the newest Krug Ambassade, the first ever in Indonesia and one amongst the selected few exclusive venues in the world. The achievement continues with earning the Wine Spectators 2022 “Award of Excellence” given to Rumari which offers thoughtfully chosen lists containing both quality and diverse selections that are compatible with the menu’s style and pricing. 

Visit an Ultra-Luxury Raffles Bali 

To experience all of these romantic restaurants, you must visit Raffles Bali, one of the Bali Indonesia luxury resorts, and celebrate life to the fullest. It will allow you to experience the best romantic restaurants and help you channel your inner spirituality and find an intimate oasis of emotional well-being. 

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