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Raffles Bali - Batik Tapestry at Raffles Bali
October 30th 2020

Batik Tapestry at Raffles Bali

Raffles Bali is an iconic all-villa resort with a private pool in each villa. The lustrous gleam of dark hardwood floors, contrasted with the pale caramel of rattan rugs and ceilings crafted by local artisans redefine the high-touch finishes for the villas. Harmonious design carefully crafted with sustainability practices in mind reflects in the use of natural materials. Immerse fully in luxury living with the intricate details on furniture of batik tapestry. As a part of preserving the Indonesian heritage of Batik, Raffles Bali is always about a sense of place relevant to our heritage. At Raffles Bali, the distinctive batik tapestry adorning our majestic villa bedroom pays tribute to one of Indonesia’s famed heritage and its philosophy.

Batik is usually made with wax that is useful to prevent color from absorbing into the fabric fibers. In the era of the Majapahit kingdom, Indonesian people were already familiar with batik. The spread of batik in Indonesia occurred in the late 18th century or early 19th century. At first, batik was used only by the Royals and also the workers who work inside the Kingdom (Keraton). Knowing the workers live outside the Keraton, so many of them brought batik outside the Keraton creates people began to imitate batik reflecting a strong source of identity for Indonesians crossing religious, racial and cultural boundaries.