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Raffles Bali - Balinese Arak Creation: the Making of Bali Sling at The Writers Bar Bali
September 21st 2021

Balinese Arak Creation: the Making of Bali Sling at The Writers Bar Bali

For many cultures, traditional drinks are more than just a pleasant treat on Friday nights. Many use distilled or fermented beverages as part of offerings or religious ceremonies. However, nowadays, travelers are able to incorporate alcoholic drinks into their cultural experience. Introducing the Balinese ‘Arak.’ A traditional spirit from Bali, which is fermented from glutinous rice or sap from sugar palm or coconut trees.

The rice arak also represents the Goddess of Prosperity and Fertility known as Dewi Sri. The alcohol percentage ranges from 20 to 50%. Apart from the obvious – drinking, arak is also used in cultural and religious ceremonies.

Arak can be enjoyed as it is or mixed as a cocktail. The Balinese strongly believe that too many of Arak will allow you to see the witch demon, Rangda in your dream.

At The Writers Bar Bali, we create our own rendition of the iconic ‘Singapore Sling and called it ‘Bali Sling’, this signature cocktail is concocted from gin, grenadine syrup, Balinese arak infused with blue pea tea, and jackfruit.

Bali is truly magical. While strolling around the bustling farmer’s market of Bali, across an ancient temple’s courtyard, chatters of roadside vendors luring us in with the piquant aroma of spices and vibrant coloured harvests. As we stumbled upon the sight and scent of golden jackfruits in abundance. Under an old frangipani tree with its scattered fragrant blooms. This vivid kaleidoscope was the inspiration behind our signature Bali Sling creation.

Have a sip at our vast array of Arak-infused cocktails upon sunset at The Writers Bar Bali.

For more information, please visit The Writers Bar at Raffles Bali a 5-star hotel in Bali, or email us at