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Raffles Bali - A Sustainable Gastronomy Oasis at Rumari Bali

A Sustainable Gastronomy Oasis at Rumari Bali

Raffles Bali is very passionate about sustainable sustenance. This is one of the main reason behind the concept of our signature restaurant, Rumari. Our House of the full moon and the sun serves Indonesian favorites in contemporary style, with ingredients sourced from only sustainable sources.

All started with the abundance of beautiful and unique produces Indonesia has to offer. Inspired by the authenticity of each heritage dish of Indonesian cuisine combined with the bountiful produces, it was easy to revisit them and create a tribute of these favourites with more finesse, elegance while preserving the distinct aroma and genuine flavour.

Introducing some of our local partners whom have been supplying some wonderful produces essential to Rumari’s gastronomy panache.

Rumari collaborates with Sunria Organic Farm to supply our distinctive organic rice. From volcanic rice, rainforest rice and others. The Farm works with community farmers in Java, ensuring that the production process involves the locals, hence creating the synergy of collaboration.

Our other partners is Made Cupliz from the D’Cupliz Stingless Bee Honey. The stingless honey or ‘madu kele’ is honey produced by ‘kele’ bees, a type of propolis-producing small bee, which has myriads of health benefits such as reducing fatigue and controlling blood pressure. Made Cuplizz will be hunting to the forest to find the trees where the bees built their hives with its reigning Queen, the part of the tree will be cut and transported to his farm, where he will gather all hives, enabling the harvesting of honey at once.

Created from natural mango flowers, Rumari Mango Honey is sustainably sourced from the city of Malang, East Java. Malang Honey is cultivated on mango farm tree, of which the sourced natural mango flower is then aged in wooden barrel to give it a very dark color and a unique taste resemblance of old port wine aged in barrique. With one of the Raffles Wellbeing pillars, Nutrition for pleasure in mind, our Rumari’s honey blessed with myriads of health benefits to assist our immune system.

Following all above sustainable resources, Rumari presents some delectable culinary journey. It offers the most sumptuous a la carte breakfast, a unique and sophisticated Sunday selection of lavish Chef’s Creations, a gastronomy perfection of Rumari Unearthing degustation dinner, and the distinct flavours of Rumari Discovery Lunch.

Rumari Sunday Brunch

Bringing you unique and sophisticated selection of lavish Chef’s Creations from Rujak Scallop to mini Sakanti Bali, authentic Indonesia archipelago’s favourites, and a gourmet selection of artisan pastas, artisanal cheeses, plated degustation desserts, pass around and amuse-bouche.

Rumari Unearthing Degustation Dinner

Explore the distinct flavours of Bali as we take you on an epicurean journey around the island. Savour our Rumari Unearthing delectable 6 course degustation menu crafted from the bountiful seas of Amed, culminating at the fertile Kintamani Mountains and concludes at the gardens of Raffles Bali in Jimbaran.

Rumari Discovery Lunch

Experience the serene ambiance of Rumari at day time, while savouring our Chef’s selections of Indonesia favourites. Our three course lunch set menu offers curated dishes from Ikan Woku, Tuna Sambal Matah or vegan Tahu Kalasan. Finish off the afternoon feast with a decadent Deconstructed Klappetaart or equally sumptuous Le Cuvee Sakanti Bali.

For more info, please contact Rumari WA +62 811 382 095 59 or e-mail to

Ramadhan is the most revered month in the Hijriyah calendar. Moslems will celebrate the special occasion with a month-long fasting which will conclude in the fanfares of Eid or as Indonesians affectionately called ‘Lebaran’.

As Ramadhan approaches, Raffles Bali has curated a two night’s indelible journey during the holy month until the Eid week.

Indulge in a three days two nights Raffles Bali wellbeing experience at our captivating Ocean Pool Villa including daily ala carte breakfast at Rumari or pre-selected “Sahur” arrangement, Classic Afternoon Tea or Iftar selections of sweets for fasting break at The Writers Bar and one time 3-course set dinner at Loloan Beach Bar and Grill.

The journey also include return airport transfer, VIP arrival assistance, and 24-hours Raffles Wellbeing Butler service.

Valid for two persons with a period of stay from 10th April to 7th May 2021, this Holy Ramadhan package starts from just IDR 31,000,000++.

For further information, please email Package is subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

Bali’s Hindu community will celebrate a ten-day religious festival in the weeks ahead that is considered one of the most important events on the island’s cultural calendar. The occasion will commence with Galungan Day on 14th April 2021, an auspicious holiday that signifies the victory of good over evil. It is also believed that the Gods and ancestral spirits will temporarily descend to earth during this period. Galungan will be observed with elaborate offerings, prayers and traditional food. This is a joyous time for the Balinese as they reconnect with family and friends through shared religious dedication.

One of the most striking ornament of Galungan will be ‘Penjor’. Penjor is an elaborately decorated bamboo pole, placed in front of each house. The decoration consists of mostly harvests such as rice paddies, coconut, coconut leaves, other fruits and flowers and intricately cut ‘Sampian’ made of young coconut leaves. Penjor represents prosperity.

Festivities will come to a close with Kuningan Day on 24th April 2021 with special ceremonies held in household temples around the island. The spirits of ancestors will be honoured with symbolic offerings and farewell as they return to the heavens.

This merry holiday celebrates the victory of good versus evil. The entire island will be joining the festivities through lavish temple festivals, prayers as well as celebrations with closest friends and families.

Join us for Galungan weekend special through exquisite Balinese dining experience at Rumari.

For more info, please email at or WA at +62 811 382 095 59

Celebrate Easter with the classic Afternoon Tea spread from The Writers Bar at Raffles Bali. Inspired by the High Tea ceremony of the royals, the delicacies are elegantly presented on antique wooden Dulang tray, once reserved for kings and queens of Bali. Indulge in colorful sweets and savories served with premium Dammann Freres Tea or selections of Illy coffee. Easter Afternoon Tea will be held on 2nd and 3rd of April 2021 from 3 PM to 6 PM. Starts from IDR 700.000++ for two.

Revel in the Easter festivities and enjoy our curated Easter Brunch at Rumari. Presenting the archipelago’s best Easter-inspired specialties. Bringing you unique and sophisticated selection of lavish Chef’s Creations from Tuna Poke to grilled Tokusen wagyu, authentic Indonesian archipelago’s favourites, and a gourmet selection of artisan pasta and cheese, pass around amuse-bouche and sumptuous plated desserts.

Starts from IDR 900.000++ (with free flow non-alcoholic beverage). Elevate to Premium Beverage package for IDR 1.550.000++ (Italian scapatella, “Good wine – good blood” and Prosecco) or Luxury Beverage package for IDR 1.850.000++ (French stroll, “Friendship & wines are treasures as they age” and Champagne).

For more information or reservations, please contact Rumari WA +6281138209559 or email

Raffles Bali lent its full support to the Green Activities program. While the brand is all about creating opportunities for intimate cultural interactions and exposing guests to the natural beauty of each destination, it is also committed to being a responsible host and treading lightly on the environment.

Raffles Bali highlighted two of Green Activities as a part CSR program.

Raffles Bali has recently established a partnership with Yayasan Jimbaran Hijau to make an ongoing sustainable contribution as a great initiative to grow and promote urban farming in the dry land of Jimbaran, Bali. Following the charity initiative, Raffles Bali commit to support the foundation by providing annual fund. The sustainable event of Jimbaran Mandiri Pangan was attended by one of our Heartist, Mr. Agus Suariadi, Raffles Bali Director of Talent and Culture. He commented that he was amazed at how they are trying very hard to grow some vegetables which are normally needing fertile soil and a colder climate. During the program, Mr. Agus planted one of organic vegetable “Mustard Greens” or “Sawi”. Through this green initiative, Raffles Bali is delighted to have taken part in this project for a better environment and economic growth of Jimbaran area as well as supporting local farmers in Bali.

Beside, supporting our local community, Raffles Bali also takes green initiatives by doing sustainable contribution of “Weekly Cleaning Blitz” in Raffles Bali’s beach and river. This was an important first step for the Heartists to strengthen their commitment and be accountable for the cleanliness of the island.

The cleanup activities involved all Raffles Bali heartists focused their efforts on removing rubbish from the banks of Jimbaran beach, a nearby river and network of irrigation canals. They managed to fill many bags with various items including discarded bottles, drinking straws, broken sandal, diapers, and other bits of debris. Long before this cleanup, Raffles Bali has always taken steps to engage the community in long-term environmental initiatives. Even though garbage is an inevitable part of tourism, its existence needs to be managed wisely. Every effort must be taken to ensure that all waste generated from visitors and local people alike does not cause damage or negatively impact Bali’s reputation as a popular holiday destination. This also means that the island’s current landfill system needs to be urgently evaluated to prevent garbage from re-entering rivers and the surrounding ocean.

Raffles Bali respects for the environment is firmly entrenched in the brand’s vision that conservation, community and commerce can and should be integrated. Raffles Bali’s “green” efforts extend beyond the operational aspects of each resort to create a positive impact on the community – economically, socially and culturally.


Bali’s cultural calendar is a non-stop cycle of religious ceremonies and colourful rituals that dominate all aspects of daily life on the island. The most unique occasion of all is Nyepi Day or Balinese New Year in accordance to the Saka Lunar calendar system. Unlike turn of the year festivities in other parts of the world, it is celebrated in silence as the entire island literally shuts down for 24 hours. The Silence Day is a day reserved for strict self-reflection. For one day in a year, there is no working, no entertainment or pleasure, no travelling, no lighting fires for the entire island. Although Nyepi is primarily a Balinese Hindu holiday, no one is exempt from the restrictions; no one is allowed onto the beaches or streets, and the only airport in Bali remains closed for the entire day. What is a usually busy island is utterly silent and peaceful at Nyepi. The lead up to this holy day involves a number of different events that are all intrinsically tied to the whole Nyepi experience:

Melasti Ceremony
Melasti is a customary procession for followers of the Hindu faith that always takes place in the days leading up to the Saka New Year. It involves sacred temple artefacts being carried to the sea or nearest holy spring for ritual purification.

Pengerupukan / Balinese New Year’s Eve
The eve of Balinese New Year in accordance to the Saka Lunar calendar is a festive celebration that takes place just before the island is shrouded in silence. Giant monster effigies are carried through the streets in lively parades featuring flaming torches, firecrackers and loud gamelan music. The aim is to create as much noise as possible to deter unseen spirits and malevolent forces from disturbing Bali’s seemingly peaceful existence.

Nyepi Day / A Time of Silence & Seclusion
Nyepi Day on the island of Bali is a New Year celebration unlike anywhere else in the world. It is observed with 24 hours of solitude as everything comes to a complete standstill. Balinese Hindus adhere to a set of customary rules including no fire, no travel, no activity and no entertainment. Some use this time for personal reflection, while others see it as an opportunity to relax as the entire island takes a temporary break. Lights are not permitted during the evening – leaving Bali in total darkness. As a visitor, you will be required to stay in the confines of your hotel, but free to use all facilities as usual. Traditional community guards will patrol each area to ensure that the rules of Nyepi are enforced.

A Serene Celebration at Raffles Bali Awaits. As we conclude the year of the Balinese Caka calendar, celebrate Nyepi Day in unparalleled tranquility as we invite you to marvel upon majestic constellations of the night skies on a private Stargazing Experience during your two nights escapade with us. A once in a 420 days journey. For more info about Nyepi Day Serene Celebration please visit our special offer or email to 

Celebrations are meant to be intimate and unforgettable. Indulge in our Valentine dining experience at Raffles Bali. An unparalleled beauty where flickering soft lights, evening breeze and curated epicurean delights harmoniously orchestrated for you and your loved one.

A Jazzy Valentine’s

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to celebrate the afternoon at the breezy expanse of The Writers Bar, boasting the picturesque ocean vistas and evergreen hills, as soothing sounds of jazz serenade the majestic dusk. Enjoy our complimentary signature cocktails and savour the specially curated Afternoon Tea of delectable sweets and savories, premium tea and coffee selections, topped with the finest Champagne. Experience Valentines Sunday Jazz Afternoon Tea with afternoon tea set, 375ml Champagne, 2 Valentine Cocktails, and a Stem of Rose at IDR 2.500.000++ per couple.

A Classic Valentine’s at Rumari

Enchant your loved one on an intimate dinner at Rumari this Valentine’s Day. Celebrate with us amidst soft lights, subtle jazzy tunes and the idyllic flickering lights of Jimbaran Bay’s coastal line. Begin the journey with signature cocktails in hand as our Culinary team presents curated and sumptuous six-course gastronomy journey to tantalize your palates. The perfect experience for an evening worth celebrating. We invite you to experience our Classic Valentine package of Amuse-bouche, 6-course menu, Petit Fours, 2 Valentine Cocktails and A Stem of Rose. The dining celebration is available on 14 February 2021 at IDR 4.000.000++ per couple.

A Quaint Valentine’s at The Secret Cave

Experience a mesmerizing evening on an intimate dinner for two at our Secret Cave. Celebrate with the love of your life in the dramatic and enchanting ambience of our own natural cave. Flickering torches line up along the pathway as we escort you to the cave at dusk, signature cocktails in hand as our Culinary team presents a six-course unparalleled epicurean journey, perfectly paired with our selections of premium Champagne. The price starts at IDR 20.000.000++ per couple for the Premium Champagne Package including Amuse-bouche, 6-Course Menu Petit Fours , 2 Valentine Cocktails, A Stem of Rose, Bottle of Billecart-Salmon Champagne and Brut Réserve.

Romance by The Waters at Purnama Honeymoon Bale

Celebrate Valentine’s in a timeless fashion with us, as we take you on an enchanting evening of curated gastronomy journey by the waters at our Purnama Honeymoon Bale. Soft flickering flames emanate from torches leading up to the Purnama solitary gazebo on the rocks, whilst soft sea breeze and dramatic crimson colours of dusk welcome you. Roses and signature cocktails are presented at the start of the evening, as our Culinary team presents an indulgent six-course degustation menu, perfectly paired with our selection of premium Champagne. The quintessential celebration for an evening of nostalgia. The 6-course Set Menu Petit Fours package starts at IDR 4.000.000++ per couple including Amuse-Bouche, 2 Valentine Cocktails, and A Stem of Rose.  Elevate to Premium Package for IDR 15.000.000++ per couple (Bottle of Billecart-Salmon Champagne, Brut Réserve). This intimate dining experience is available only for in-house guest.

To inquire more, please contact Rumari WA +62 811 382 095 59 or e-mail to

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Raffles Bali, has launched charity programs to help those in need, ranging from distributing rice donation under Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Program presented by Raffles Bali Heartists.

Raffles Bali has recently established a partnership with Banjar Perarudan, Jimbaran Bali to make an ongoing sustainable contribution to a local community in Bali. Following the charity initiative, Raffles Bali commit to support the community by providing food for 500 kg rice as its commitment for its sustainable contribution on 13 November 2020.

“As we are together in this these times, we try to help other people getting through this situation as we believe, together we are stronger.” Commented Bapak Agus Suariadi, The Director of Talent and Culture, on this charity activity. He also said that this contribution goes towards supporting the food of needy members of the local community via Banjar Perarudan. All contributions will go directly to the community to help cover the costs of food.

Having crated this sustainable contribution that is essentially all about giving back and supporting a local community, Raffles Bali now serves as a role model. This has all come about under the banner of the Raffles Bali Charity program with the aim to expand CSR opportunities for individuals or groups and accelerate the adoption of sustainability inclusion initiatives.


Born in Moscow in 1895 educated in Germany, Walter Spies (1895-1942) was a modern-day Renaissance man who excelled in the arts and lived his all-too-short life to the full. He travelled adventurously, mixed with royalty and celebrities, and introduced to the world the beauty of Bali.

Walter Spies, a free-spirited, highly talented painter and musician with a zest for life, hired as a sailor in 1923 and travelled via Java to Bali where he settled in 1927. There, he created fantastic pictures and became the centre of attention for Balinese artists and celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and Vicky Baum, who visited him in his island paradise. It was in Bali, Spies co-founded the Pita Maha Arts Society developed with photographer and dancer Beryl de Zoete. His book Dance and Drama in Bali remains a fascinating contemporary record while our present-day understanding of Bali’s traditional Kecak dance performances also owes much to choreography collaborations the artist undertook with local dancer Wayan Limbak.

Influential though he was and intriguing though his life remains, still few art lovers today have the opportunity to witness his astounding creative talents directly. The four evocative Walter Spies paintings to be found today in Raffles Bali are both masterful depictions of the island’s age-old culture and traditions. They are The Nocturnal Return (1923), a shadowy and evocative portrayal of pastoral life in the tropics, where farmers and livestock trudge home from the fields and hills as darkness falls and the fog rolls in. The Morning Market painting (1927) located in the library tells us about villagers converge in a food market that is laced with the shadows of palms and golden beams of morning light. Spies’ love of performance is dramatically showcased in Balinese Dancers After Twilight/Legong Dance (1931), which gracefully depicts a traditional Legong Balinese dance, customarily performed by fan-carrying young women under the light of a full moon. Aglow with ethereal crepuscular light, Drawing in the Catch (1931) shows six fishermen diligently at work along the hilly Ayung River, Bali’s longest. Their nets teem with silver fish, in the background a tiny puff of smoke billows from Mt Agung volcano. Back in the early 1930s, such a scene might have been encountered regularly, but Spies’ respectful eye, so full of affection for all the wonders of Bali, again transforms an everyday reality into a moment of true beauty.

Soft Opening in Bali, July 4th 2020 – Raffles Hotels & Resorts is pleased to announce its 15th Raffles Hotel in the world, with the launch of the lavish Raffles Bali, which offers unparalleled views over the Indian Ocean and the famous Jimbaran Bay sunsets. With just 32 private pool villas, Raffles Bali epitomises distinguished charm for well-travelled connoisseurs seeking elegant spaces, privacy and cultural discovery.

The private limousine transfer from Ngurah Rai International Airport to the luxurious Balinese resort takes less than half an hour; yet despite its brevity, the journey has the power to transport you from one world to another. As the crowded streets of Jimbaran give way to sun-spangled gardens, a sense of tranquility descends. The winding road takes you deep into the heart of nature, to a hidden corner of the island that is steeped in local legend and defined by beliefs and customs that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

“Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or an intimate oasis of emotional wellbeing, Raffles Bali offers unparalleled panoramic ocean views and captivating sunsets from every villa,” says Katya Herting, General Manager, Raffles Bali. “Our beachfront resort is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, providing utmost relaxation due to its generosity of space.”

From each of the exquisite Pool Villas – the largest and most private in Jimbaran – abundant sunlight streams in through the patio doors to gleam off rich hardwood floors. The soft batik tapestry hanging behind the king bed is a tribute to the skill of Bali’s local craftsmen, while rustic rattan furniture complements sweeping views of your private garden and the ocean beyond. Step outside into Bali’s restorative warmth for a morning spent lounging at your private pool or reading on the gazebo’s shaded daybed, enjoying the gentle breeze. When you feel like exploring the rest of the resort, your Raffles Wellbeing Butler will gracefully take you on a journey of discovery to wherever you want to go. All villas include indoor and outdoor showers, yoga mats and bespoke beach accessories, in addition to an indulgent soaking tub.

Located at the resort’s highest point, Rumari restaurant is caressed by cooling breezes, which carry the tantalising scent of Balinese cooking from the kitchen, unveiling a culinary journey on a sunset terrace overlooking the ocean. Loloan Beach Bar and Grill is located on the resort’s secluded beach, overlooking a 25-metre infinity pool. Enjoy a sumptuous seafood feast beneath the shade of the Balinese-style ceilings. As twilight falls, the atmosphere shifts from laid-back fun to casual elegance. For unforgettable romance, elegant and intimate dining experiences can be arranged at The Secret Cave, illuminated with flickering torches and candlelight, or at the Purnama Honeymoon Bale, built on the rocks at the edge of the resort’s ocean front. Connoisseurs will also enjoy the brand’s iconic Writers Bar and the adjoining Library, a relaxing haven to savour classic or whimsically spiced cocktails, a glass of Champagne, or an after-dinner digestif. Set in the
heart of the resort, this intimate bar brings the Raffles heritage to Bali, with the bespoke Raffles Bali Sling, especially curated by our expert mixologist.

With an extensive and genuine knowledge of the island, our Raffles Wellbeing Butlers will enrich your time with an insider’s perspective on local customs. They can also arrange unique cultural experiences, from temple dance ceremonies to traditional cooking classes. Any wish is only a request away. Relaxation comes easily at Raffles Bali, where the sound of tropical birds calling through the flora and the scent of the sea soothe the soul. Unwind beneath the hands of an expert therapist at Raffles Spa. There are two treatment suites, with their own soaking tub and sliding doors that lead to a hill-view terrace or experience our remote hillside treatment suite, The Sanctuary, hidden in nature.

“We are delighted to introduce our most iconic hotel brand to the beautiful island of Bali,” says Michael Issenberg, Chairman & CEO Accor Asia Pacific. “The highly-anticipated Raffles Bali will be the brand’s second hotel in Indonesia, joining the stunning Raffles Jakarta, and is set to become a special retreat for guests to feel pampered, through meaningful experiences and service that is both gracious and intuitive.” Today, the Raffles brand continues to set the standard for luxury hospitality with a carefully curated list of distinguished addresses in leading markets around the world. Raffles Bali will be the first Raffles to launch the brand’s new wellbeing programme, Emotional Wellbeing by Raffles which is based on the understanding that true luxury is not about what you own, but what you feel.