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Raffles Bali - A Sustainable Gastronomy Oasis at Rumari Bali
May 11th 2021

A Sustainable Gastronomy Oasis at Rumari Bali

Raffles Bali is very passionate about sustainable sustenance. This is one of the main reason behind the concept of our signature restaurant, Rumari. Our House of the full moon and the sun serves Indonesian favorites in contemporary style, with ingredients sourced from only sustainable sources.

All started with the abundance of beautiful and unique produces Indonesia has to offer. Inspired by the authenticity of each heritage dish of Indonesian cuisine combined with the bountiful produces, it was easy to revisit them and create a tribute of these favourites with more finesse, elegance while preserving the distinct aroma and genuine flavour.

Introducing some of our local partners whom have been supplying some wonderful produces essential to Rumari’s gastronomy panache.

Rumari collaborates with Sunria Organic Farm to supply our distinctive organic rice. From volcanic rice, rainforest rice and others. The Farm works with community farmers in Java, ensuring that the production process involves the locals, hence creating the synergy of collaboration.

Our other partners is Made Cupliz from the D’Cupliz Stingless Bee Honey. The stingless honey or ‘madu kele’ is honey produced by ‘kele’ bees, a type of propolis-producing small bee, which has myriads of health benefits such as reducing fatigue and controlling blood pressure. Made Cuplizz will be hunting to the forest to find the trees where the bees built their hives with its reigning Queen, the part of the tree will be cut and transported to his farm, where he will gather all hives, enabling the harvesting of honey at once.

Created from natural mango flowers, Rumari Mango Honey is sustainably sourced from the city of Malang, East Java. Malang Honey is cultivated on mango farm tree, of which the sourced natural mango flower is then aged in wooden barrel to give it a very dark color and a unique taste resemblance of old port wine aged in barrique. With one of the Raffles Wellbeing pillars, Nutrition for pleasure in mind, our Rumari’s honey blessed with myriads of health benefits to assist our immune system.

Following all above sustainable resources, Rumari presents some delectable culinary journey. It offers the most sumptuous a la carte breakfast, a unique and sophisticated Sunday selection of lavish Chef’s Creations, a gastronomy perfection of Rumari Unearthing degustation dinner, and the distinct flavours of Rumari Discovery Lunch.

Rumari Sunday Brunch

Bringing you unique and sophisticated selection of lavish Chef’s Creations from Rujak Scallop to mini Sakanti Bali, authentic Indonesia archipelago’s favourites, and a gourmet selection of artisan pastas, artisanal cheeses, plated degustation desserts, pass around and amuse-bouche.

Rumari Unearthing Degustation Dinner

Explore the distinct flavours of Bali as we take you on an epicurean journey around the island. Savour our Rumari Unearthing delectable 6 course degustation menu crafted from the bountiful seas of Amed, culminating at the fertile Kintamani Mountains and concludes at the gardens of Raffles Bali in Jimbaran.

Rumari Discovery Lunch

Experience the serene ambiance of Rumari at day time, while savouring our Chef’s selections of Indonesia favourites. Our three course lunch set menu offers curated dishes from Ikan Woku, Tuna Sambal Matah or vegan Tahu Kalasan. Finish off the afternoon feast with a decadent Deconstructed Klappetaart or equally sumptuous Le Cuvee Sakanti Bali.

For more info, please contact Rumari WA +62 811 382 095 59 or e-mail to